Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Welcome Ms. A

Hi, I'm Mary Anolick (Ms.A). I will be getting married in January! 

 I enjoy teaching Physical Education because I want to inspire people of all ages to find joy in staying healthy and active. I went to Grand Valley State University for my undergrad then continued my education at Davenport University where I earned my master's degree in Education. 

 In my free time I enjoy waterskiing, snowboarding, working out, and spending time with my dog. Fun Fact-I've been skydiving!

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Welcome Señora Zarzecki

Hello! My name is Susan Zarzecki, the children call me “Señora Zarzecki,” and I am excited to be joining the All Saints Academy family, in conjunction with GRPS, as the Spanish teacher! I was born in Grand Rapids, the youngest sibling in the App family. Fun fact, my husband and his siblings attended Blessed Sacrament, K-8, so we laugh that I teach where he attended.

I may have a familiar face to you. My husband and I have three children who attend ASA. I also try to volunteer where I can. He and I fell in love with the early childhood program at ASA and have stayed and loved it! I am excited to pour my love into your children, and this community. Thank you for sharing your children with me, and ASA! I look forward to partnering together.

This will be my 19th year teaching. I began my career after graduating Loyola University Chicago with my BA in Spanish, with a focus on Golden Age literature. My first teaching post was a Marist school by the name of Notre Dame Preparatory & Marist Academy, a wonderful I.B. school in the Pontiac/Waterford Area. We moved back in 2008, after my husband and I completed our graduate studies at the Jesuit school University of Detroit Mercy, wanting to be closer to family. My second post was at Walker Charter Academy. I loved my last 13 years there and have made life-long friends and connections. There I taught and helped build two strong programs, Spanish, as well as theater, as I co-directed their musicals.

The opportunity to be where my children are, and help grow this delightful community, was too good of an offer to pass up! I feel blessed to have been hired by GRPS and able to work here with so many children who I already knew and loved, as well as those I can’t wait to get to know better. Looking forward to a great year!

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Hatching Chickens and Writing Skills

This past year the fourth graders were again able to hatch chickens as part of their learning experience. They were able to raise and put up a couple of chicks up for adoption. 

As a literary connection to this project students practiced their write skills to assemble a blog to advocate for their adoption and also write a group creative story inspired by their temporary class pets.

You will love these chicks.  They are very fluffy, cute and lovable. They enjoy playing, laying and looking at you.  If you get a chick you will love him/her and he/she will love you.  Also you can name it anything you would like from A-Z. You can cuddle, hold, and snuggle them. Even if you don’t like chicks, they will peck their way into your heart.


The chicks are very friendly.  They are very nice to you when you hold them.  They sometimes go to sleep in your hand.  Some really like it if you pet their head.  Please give one of our chicks a happy home.


Hey you! Yeah you!  Do you want adorable little fluffy and cuddly chicks?  Of course you do!  They grow up to be big chickens so you will have to feed them often!  The best part is that you choose which one!  Just come to the upper campus, you will hear them peeping!

The chicks are so nice.  You can hug them and they love to be held.  They play with each other all day.  They can be a little loud but it's funny.


We have free, cute baby chicks.  They are cuddly and cute.  They are also fluffy and active.  Here are 3 reasons to adopt them:  they are cute, they are sweet and cuddly, they need a home and are free. They could die without you.  Come help them.  They love humans.  Please adopt them.  


Super Cluck 

by 4th grade - May 2021

Inspired by "Cluck," a big muscular chick with the skills of an escape artist. 

Story Titles: 

Chillin With My Homies - by Sam

The Beginning - by Evelyn

Super Cluck's Great Adventure - by Edmund

Is Cluck Missing? - by Lexy

Adventures of Super Chick - by Ed

The Adventures of Cluck - by Cooper

Max's Powder - by Myles

Click the Super Chick - by William

Cluck and the Amazing Force - by Mary

Isaac Saves the Day - by Ellie

Super Chick - by Lucas

Cluck the Super Chick in Surrendering Mayhem - by Tristan

Chick Story - by Leo 

Super Chick - by Grayson

Super Chick - by Max 

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Eucharistic Prayer Scavenger Hunt

Each year students at the ASA Upper Campus participate in a class retreat. The 7th grade class retreat breaks open the great mystery of the Eucharist, the source and summit of our Catholic Faith. 

As part of their class retreat last year's 7th grade class completed a visual scavenger hunt around the Upper Campus in search of images that could act as daily reminders of the Eucharistic Prayer II from Mass. Below are a few of the key phrases from this prayer and photo the class assembled as part of this reflective activity. 

Lift up your hearts. 

We do well always and everywhere to give you thanks, Father most holy. 

Take this, all of you, and eat of it, for this is my Body, which will be given up for you. 

Humbly we pray. 

Remember, Lord, your Church, spread throughout the world. 

...and all Saints who have pleased you throughout the ages, we may merit to be cohears to eternal life...





Monday, August 23, 2021

Welcome Mrs. Ostoin

My name is Linda Ostoin and I am pleased to join the ASA staff this year! I have worked in catholic school for the past 10 years, working in various positions.

I have had the pleasure of living in many locations being a Navy wife and visited lots of countries being a flight attendant for 11 years.  I then started my education journey after my kids are born. Wanting to stay home with them and being there where off from school.

I am excited to see where this journey as the Toddler 2 teacher will take me this year!

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Welcome Ms. Rosmarin

Happy 2021-2022 School Year! My name is Sue Rosmarin, and I am so excited to be the new first grade teacher at All Saints! I am coming from Immaculate Heart of Mary where I taught second grade for one year and first grade for three years. I have ten years teaching experience overall!

I am a proud graduate of St. Alphonsus, Catholic Central, and Marquette University. Catholic education is in my blood. Coming to ASA is like coming home. I grew up on Diamond Street with my 8 older brothers and sisters. My maiden name is Burch just in case that sounds familiar to anyone. My mom who just turned 91 still lives on Diamond. I don’t know who is more excited about this job, my mom or me!

I have three wonderful sons. Alex is a sophomore at Xavier University in Cincinnati. Champ is a junior at East Grand Rapids and Tommy is a freshman. They keep me very busy! We love spending time at our place in Sandy Pines in Door, Michigan during the summer where we enjoy boating, fishing and just being by the water. I am so excited to be a part of All Saints Academy. Even though I live in East Grand Rapids, I have always known that the NORTHEND is the BEST END. 😊

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Welcome Ms. Flynn

We are excited to welcome Ms. Gretchen Flynn to our ASA school community! Ms. Flynn will be teaching one of our 2nd grade classes, along side our returning 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Carrie Bowman.

Ms. Flynn is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has attended Catholic schools kindergarten through college. She is a graduate of the University of Dayton (Go Flyers!) and has 17 years of teaching experience in Catholic schools. Gretchen has two boys; a high school sophomore at Catholic Central and a college sophomore at the University of Dayton. Gretchen enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and is happy to be a part of the ASA community!

Friday, August 13, 2021

Aquinas College Math Buddies


For the past few years ASA has been blessed by a partnership with Aquinas College and Dr. Shari McCarty's mathematics teacher prep classes. During non-COVID years Dr. McCarty's classes would meet onsite for their class, and also spend time working with our students and teachers in classrooms. This past school year we connected Aquinas students with 3rd, 4th and 6th grade students remotely. 

This partnership is mutually beneficial in that it gives the Aquinas pre-service teachers hands-on experience teaching and creating engaging math activities while also providing our students with math interventions or enrichments. 

2021 AQ Math Student Reflection 

In addition to 1-on-1 and small group sessions with our students Aquinas students have created a series of 34d and 4th grade interactive math games for our teachers to use as centers and skills practice. 

We look forward to continued partnerships with our Aquinas Math Buddies in the coming years! 

Monday, August 2, 2021

Welcome Mrs Sanchez-Harmon

My name is Alicia Sanchez-Harmon and I am so thrilled to be teaching 4s preschool this year at All Saints Academy. 

I am a former student of ASA, having been part of the second graduating class! Before it was ASA, I attended Blessed Sacrament School. I am so thankful for everything my catholic education gave me. I acquired my love for teaching through the amazing teachers I have had. Shoutout to Mrs. Anderson & Mrs. Livingston! 

I am so blessed to be able to continue my teaching journey at the school that has given me so much.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

All Belong

As a Catholic school we often sing songs at Mass such as “All Are Welcome,” “Come To The Table,” and “We Are All One Body.” At the very core of our Catholic faith is the idea of community and how we are all called to come together in the name of Christ.  As a school, we must be cognizant that while we are all created in God’s image, no one person is the same.  Each and every student brings different gifts and abilities to our school.  Before we can carry out our mission of partnering with and serving our families, parishes, and communities to develop the whole child, we must first recognize the differences each child brings and meet that student at the place they are,  so they themselves are better served.

We are reminded that “It (The Catholic School) does not exacerbate differences, but rather aids cooperation and contact with others. It opens itself to others and respects their way of thinking and of living. It wants to share their anxieties and their hopes…” (The Catholic School 57)  Our goal is to be as inclusive of a school as our resources allow. 

In keeping with these beliefs in February of this year we hosted a parent session about our partnership with All Belong Center for Inclusive Education The recording of that conversation is linked below. 

All Belong is an important piece of our student support services at All Saints Academy. They provide support and evaluation services so that schools like ASA can offer an inclusive Christ-centered education for students of all abilities.

All Belong (formerly known as CLC Network) provides teacher consulting, professional development, psychological evaluations, and research on best practices for our teachers and students. With more than forty years’ experience in special education, they bring a unique, faith-based perspective to the calling for belonging for persons of all abilities.

Inclusion is the practice of welcoming students with  unique learning needs as part of our general education classrooms.  Together with All Belong, we believe that diversity of ability is an enriching and important element of our learning community. When we work to build belonging at school we are able to celebrate the diverse talents of all learners, and also foster growth for everyone.

Many of All Belong’s Member Schools enjoy benefits to all their students thanks to inclusive education: students learn patience and compassion, and teachers learn how to encourage unique learners with strategies that improve learning for all

"Partnering with All Belong allows us to engage in valuable, ongoing conversations about the needs of our building and students.  The reflective conversations that often occur help us to clarify our thinking and develop plans for moving forward in ways that are best for students."
Mrs Gibson

I have enjoyed partnering with All Belong. They have been a great additional resource for us to use to help support our exceptional learners. 
Mrs. LaPonsie


Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Parish Awards and Scholarships for ASA Students


We are blessed to provide access to various forms of tuition support to ASA families at various times throughout the school year. In the spring our parishes have a few scholarships and awards they grant to students for the next school year. Below is information about student receiving scholarships or awards for the 2021-2022 school year, as well as information about how students qualify to be considered for these.  

Irene Czarnecki Memorial Award - Blessed Sacrament 


  • Conduct and effort marks of 1's and 2's only

  • Displays Christian stewardship by demonstrating

    • a) respect for self and others 

    • b) responsibility 

    • c) accountability

  • Student must be in grades 6 or 7


  • The middle school teachers will write a narrative of the candidate. 

  • The Pastor, Principal, and a member of the Czarnecki family will review all the narratives and select, through consensus, the narrative which exemplifies the criteria above. 

  • The student will receive the award at the end of the last school Mass in May.

  • The amount of tuition off for the following school year will be $500.00. A tuition-off certificate will be issued to the family. 

The winner of the 2021 Irene Czarneck Memorial Award is Abby Stanton. 

Sr. Olga Mizzi & Sr. Roberta Hefferan Scholarships - St. Alphonsus 

The Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters established these scholarships in the names of two members of their community who were deeply engaged in St. Alphonsus Parish. Sister Roberta Hefferan, OP, recognized and responded to the needs of others through vibrant social outreach programs including the Food & Clothing Pantry. Sister Olga Mizzi, OP, was devoted to religious service and education and brought joy and knowledge to thousands of students as a teacher in St. Alphonsus School.

Goal: To recognize and award two All Saints Academy students who model the examples set by Sister Olga Mizzi, OP, and Sister Roberta Hefferan, OP.  Recipients of the award will receive a $500 tuition credit for All Saints Academy.


  • Nominee must desire to attend All Saints Academy in the following academic year. 

  • Nominee must be a parishioner of St. Alphonsus Parish. 

  • Nominee must demonstrate excellence in social involvement, service to the community, religious service and/or education. 

  • Nominations must be submitted in writing with scholarship nomination form to the St. Alphonsus Parish office or All Saints Academy school office. 

The winners of the 2021 Sr. Olga Mizzi & Sr. Roberta Hefferan Awards are Sam Moll and Madelyn Alt.


Sean Earl Memorial Scholarship - St. Alphonsus

Goal: The Sean Earl Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to two seventh grade students who demonstrate strength of character, service, and kindness toward others.  Recipients of the award receive a $1,000 tuition credit for All Saints Academy.



  • Nominee must be a seventh grade student at All Saints Academy.

  • Nominee must desire to attend All Saints Academy in the following academic year. 

  • Nominee must be a parishioner of St. Alphonsus Parish. 

  • Award winners will be selected by the Executive Director and Principal of All Saints Academy Middle School.

The winner of the 2021  Sean Patrick Earl Memorial Scholarship is JJ Kelsey


Thank you, to our 4 founding Parishes for their continued support! 



Congratulations to ALL scholarship winners! 


All Saints Academy provides many opportunities to help families make Catholic education affordable and accessible. We want to be able to provide a Catholic education to any family who desires it. In order to alleviate this barrier for those who qualify, ASA offers financial aid through various scholarships, parish support, and donors. Please reach out to our offices today and visit our website to learn more about how a Catholic education can be affordable for your family.

All families are also invited to participate in one of our parishes' SCRIP programs to receive additional tuition savings. Additional information about this program will be shared this fall and can be found on our website.

We would not be able to provide this financial aid to ASA families without the support of our sponsors and individual donors. If you are interested in supporting a student or family pursuing a Catholic education at ASA, we invite you to learn more about our tuition angel program on our website. There are also many small ways you can support ASA through various rewards and recycling programs

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

GOTR So Much Fun!

The ASA Girls on the Run team completed a wonderful season with positive energy and strength! 

The girls developed and honed social emotional skills during the eight week program. Each practice integrated physical activity, SEL skills and growing a bond with their coaches, teammates while continuing to develop a positive relationship with themselves. 

This year, as an adjustment to COVID restrictions, the Kent County GOTR 5K’s were hosted at individual sites instead of Calder Plaza in downtown Grand Rapids.  The 2021 season ended with a memorable 5K hosted on the beautiful Upper Campus grounds. Our ASA community support was contagious. The running buddies and coaches helped encourage the girls, the fifth grade class wrote inspirational chalk messages on the running route, our mascot led warm ups and launched the start of the 5K, parents/families and staff members were supporting and cheering on the girls along the course. We were also blessed to have our administrators lead prayer and congratulate the girls with their 5K medals upon crossing the finish line. 

Our girls shined brightly during their 5K Celebration and we are so proud of them! 

Enjoy a short video that captures the celebration here.

Thanks to Ms Arbaugh and Mrs. Beckwith for coaching and to Mrs. Stoner for all of her coordination and communication! 

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

All Saints Academy Class of 2021


Congratulations to All Saints Academy's newest alumni: Emma, Connor, Edem, Grace, Isabella, Mei, Josh, Hadrian, Thomas, Cadan, Jaighdyn, Wehazit, Nick, Brooklyn, Olivia, Owen, Niko, Maya, Tommy, and Isabella! 

We celebrated the graduation of the ASA class of 2021 at St Jude on the evening of June 1, 2021. The Mass and diploma ceremony can be viewed on St Jude's Vimeo Page

Mass started with an introduction written by the 8th grade class and their teachers, read by Niko Patterson: 

On behalf of the Class of 2021, I welcome you all to share in the joyful graduation of our class.  

We are the second, and hopefully last, class to graduate All Saints Academy during a global pandemic!

Each and every one of you has helped us to reach this stage of life.  We pause to reflect on our class verse:  1 Timothy 4:12 - “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”

We know that it is because of the ASA community AND Christ’s love that we are here today! We gather now in celebration to rejoice in our accomplishments throughout our education thus far. 

As part of the evening Isabella Tardani and Nick Moll shared reflections on our Core Values of faith, learning, loving, serving: 

Faith & Serving Core Value Speech – Isabella Tardani

Hope. Confidence. Reliance. 

These three words all describe quite the same thing. 

They’re feelings a lot of us are very familiar with, as we’ve been experiencing them ever since this crazy pandemic began. 

These words also describe the feelings we’ve felt starting this completely new and different school year as 8th graders, but out of the numerous, countless descriptions there are for this year, the main one is Faith. 

This year, we had to learn to have a lot of Faith, especially when it got difficult. We had to figure out how to adjust to these new and strange changes, and what truly helped us do so was Faith. Faith in the belief that we’d still be able to spread God’s Love and participate in acts of service despite these circumstances. Faith in the fact that we’re a strong community, able to accomplish and overcome the things that we once considered challenging. And most importantly, Faith in the principle to never lose hope, for everything is slowly starting to dissolve in a circle of joy. 

Things are getting better, and they’ll look up even more if we follow the path that God wants us to follow. Whether it’s donating to a charity, or providing a helping hand to a friend in need, we can find a way to help. Contributing in acts of service has been our mission ever since we first set foot upon this school. It’s a mission now, and it’ll always be. It should never change. Because coming together to lift others up is what spreads love and kindness. And that’s more valuable than anything else.

Learning & Loving Core Value Speech – Nick Moll 

Here at ASA two of our core values are learning and loving. These values are demonstrated on a daily basis by our teachers, administrative staff, parents and students. Throughout the years numerous teachers have taken the time to give me the academic support I needed (especially with math, thank you Mr. Kress). I have developed great relationships with my teachers and feel they really care about my success and growth. Playing on the ASA basketball and baseball teams have taught me that it’s not always about winning, but more about the trust you build with your teammates and coaches.  

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented many challenges for schools to offer consistent in-person learning to their students.  Since the beginning of the school year the ASA staff recognized the social and academic benefits of in-person learning. They developed a safe plan so we could be in the classroom learning five days a week. I am so grateful I was able to attend my entire 8th grade school year in-person learning alongside my classmates and teachers.  

I’m thankful that ASA has always promoted kindness and taught us to care for one another. I will cherish the many memories, experiences and friendships I have made at ASA. On behalf of the 8th grade class we would like to thank the teachers, administrative staff and parents for instilling these core values that will help us prepare for highschool and beyond.

Thank you.  

Despite COVID, this year’s graduates accumulated over 300 service hours and a number of other praiseworthy accomplishments. Here is the ASA class of 2021 and a snapshot of their achievements: 

Academic Excellence Award - The Educational Excellence Award is bestowed on students who have a minimum overall grade point average of 3.5, AND who have scored at the 85th percentile or above on the PSAT or MAPs standardized tests.

  • Edem Denoo
  • Grace Ellis
  • Isabelle Mitchell
  • Mei Moore
  • Josh Murray
  • Niko Patterson
  • Hadrian Smith

Faith Core Value Award - The Faith Achievement Award is given to students who model what it means to Be Like Christ.
  • Edem Denoo

  • HadrianSmith

  • Niko Patterson

Learning Core Value Award - The Learning Achievement Award is given to students showing tremendous academic growth, and a commitment to learning.

  • Connor Calton
  • Grace Ellis
  • Nick Moll
  • Francine Moore
  • Olivia Ontiveros
  • Cadan Wodarek
Loving Core Value Award - The Loving Achievement Award is given to students who are models of one or more of the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

  • Jaighdyn Fyolek
  • Wehazit Gherihiwet
  • Owen Ott
  • Maya Schaab
  • Tommy Stanton
  • Isabella Tardani
  • Thomas VanWeezel
Serving Core Value Award - The Service Achievement Award is given to students who demonstrate joy in serving or the development of outstanding leadership skills.

  • Emma Bajdek
  • Isabelle Mitchell
  • Josh Murray
  • Brooklyn Ontiveros

Service Awards

Students who completed 30 hours of service in the course of this school year will be inducted into the St. Francis of Assisi Society. Students inducted tonight will receive a certificate and their name will be displayed on the perpetual plaque that hangs in the ASA Upper Campus  entryway.   

  • Isabelle Mitchell
  • Nick Moll
  • Brooklyn Ontiveros
  • Olivia Ontiveros
  • Isabella Tardani

Many students completed 40 hours or more of service to our school and parishes. These students will be inducted into the St. Francis of Assisi Society but will also receive the Saint Teresa of Calcutta Service Award pin. Their names will appear on a perpetual plaque that hangs in the entryway of the ASA Upper Campus.

  • Isabelle Mitchell
  • Nick Moll
Bishop Baraga Award - The venerable Frederic Baraga was a missionary, priest and Bishop known for his many works in our state of Michigan, even spending some time in Grand Rapids. 

Bishop Baraga exemplified the core values of All Saints Academy during his years of ministry. Faith. Learning. Loving. Serving. 

Our 2021 recipient of the Bishop Baraga award also exemplifies our core values of faith, learning, loving and serving. Congratulations to Isabelle Mitchell!

Band Director's Award: Niko Patterson
Jazz Band Award: Josh Murray

Since a band concert was not possible this year we recorded 1 performance by the 8th grade this spring: 

Congratulations Class of 2021!