Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Celebrating Library Volunteers

Fr. Schiller Learning Center, Lower Campus

Today we pick up with some celebrations of volunteers started during the 2019-2020 school year and paused due to the transition to remote learning last spring. This year has looked so different in terms of volunteers, but we have still been blessed with a core group of individuals working hard to support the work of our teachers and staff. If you know of a volunteer at All Saints Academy that deserves to be celebrated please notify Abby Giroux at

Thank you, Mrs. Fix & Mrs. Ott 

Contributed by Karen Szczykto

In the spring of 2015, our beloved librarian, Mrs. Kozminski, became seriously ill. In fact, she passed away the following March. For the year she was ill, as well as the following school year, the libraries she had lovingly tended to were managed by a series of volunteers and teachers in their spare time. All involved did the best they could, but they did not have the time to truly manage and maintain the libraries. New book purchases were slowed down, old books were not weeded out efficiently, inventory was not taken annually, and there were no book fairs for a few year. Our team of teachers and periodic volunteers allowed students to continue to borrow books, but more maintenance and planning was needed.

In the 2018-2019 school year the ASA community was blessed when Mrs. Sandy Fix and Mrs. Jill Ott both stepped up to take over. Mrs. Fix, whose grandchildren attend ASA, and who was the St. Jude School librarian for many years, adopted the Schiller Learning Center at the Lower Campus, with the help of her volunteer team, Nora Barkey, Cindy Cross, Summer Malinzak, Hazel McCardle, Shirley McCardle and Christy Stibich. Mrs. Ott, whose two sons attend ASA, took over the Holy Family Learning Center at the Upper Campus. The cry of joy from the faculty could be heard at both campuses!

Both of these ladies have continued to volunteer countless hours at our two campuses, transforming both ASA libraries back into the vibrant, inviting spaces they used to be. Old books have been phased out, newer books that students are interested in have been acquired, book fairs have been organized, and seasonal displays have reappeared. Both libraries have been rearranged to best use the space for the collection. Best of all, students are reading, reading, and reading! Even during COVID-19 protocols this year both ladies have worked to find ways to get books into the hands of our students and their teachers!

The faculty and staff at All Saints Academy truly appreciate all the time and effort these two ladies have contributed to keeping our libraries running so well. When you see Mrs. Sandy Fix (and her crew) and Mrs. Jill Ott, please extend your thanks for all they do for ASA students.

Friday, April 9, 2021

A Student's Reflection From The March For Life 2021


7th grade student, Austin, had a chance to attend the March for Life in Lansing with his mom this year. 

The March for Life in Lansing was for unborn babies. There was a bagpipe player who introduced the speakers, most of them were adults but there was one 16 year old who spoke about how young people can make an impact too. The Knights of Columbus led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthem and then we walked one lap around the capitol building.

According to Austin: It was inspiring to hear a teenager talk about her experience leading a pro-life group for her peers and encourage all listeners to do something no matter their age.