Wednesday, October 20, 2021

1st Grade Tea Party: May I Bring a Friend?

It’s ASA school picture day 2021.  Teeth brushed? Check.  Hair combed? Check. Picture outfit on? Check.  Smile practiced? Check.  Stuffed animal friend in backpack?  Well that’s a new one!


On school picture day, in addition to all of the usual items to remember when preparing in the morning, the ASA first graders needed to remember to bring a stuffed animal friend as a special guest to their tea party.  The first graders read the story May I Bring a Friend? by Beatrice Schenk De Regniers and illustrated by Beni Montresor. They were then inspired to attend a tea party of their own hosted by Ms. Rosmarin, ASA first grade teacher.

With their stuffed animal friend at their side, the first graders enjoyed a wonderful tea party full of lemonade in tea cups, cloth napkins, fancy tablecloths, and delicious treats.  In addition to enjoying a celebratory party, the students also learned proper tea party etiquette.  The school picture day tea party is sure to be a new ASA first grade tradition!


Thursday, October 14, 2021

Welcome Mrs. McMahon

Hello! My name is Lynne McMahon and I am excited to join the ASA family as the school counselor! I am currently at the Franciscan Life Process Center as I finish the final semesters of my master’s degree in Marriage, Family, Couple Therapy from Western Michigan University.

Since my training is in Marriage and Family Therapy, I like to understand social/emotional issues from a broad context. I appreciate this holistic approach because I have found that we are influenced by both our internal and externals worlds.


My work with children is based on Play Therapy. Not only is play the work of a child, but also is the language of a child. Much of the work I do is through drawing, games, stories, and, well, PLAY! It is amazing how a child can express, process, and experiment when guided through play therapy. Assessment and treatment are possible through play! I look forward to providing social/emotion classroom education, group exercises, and individual therapy to our wonderful students, as well as working with their amazing parents.


A little bit about me, I grew up “Up North” in Petoskey, Michigan, and have nine siblings. I love the Great Lakes, and hunting for Petoskey Stones and sea glass is my favorite. I stay pretty active with five children, but I love being outdoors any chance I can get. My husband and I started a real estate company, Pure Mitten Homes, with another ASA family. We have enjoyed starting our own business and working together.


Four of my children currently attend ASA, with the 5th, and youngest, joining their ranks by the end of the month! I have been so impressed by the school and look forward to getting to know ASA from a professional perspective.

Welcome Mr. Gietzen

We have been blessed to welcome Mr. Joe Gietzen as our new Upper Campus Principal this school year. Mr. Gietzen began his new role on August 17, 2021. You can read more about Mr. Joe Gietzen on the Diocese of Grand Rapids blog for Catholic Schools.

Mr. Gietzen replaces Ms. Abby Giroux as Upper Campus Principal. As you may know, Ms. Giroux accepted the position of Associate Director for the Alliance of Catholic Education's (ACE) Program for Inclusive Education (PIE) at the University of Notre Dame after leading the Upper Campus for the past six years. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

ArtPrize Field Trip

 ArtPrize returned to Grand Rapids this fall after a three-year hiatus, and our 6th-8th grade students welcomed back this exciting field trip tradition. ArtPrize consists of artwork created from artists all over the world displayed throughout the city of Grand Rapids. Our 6th-8th grade students, teachers, and parent chaperones traveled downtown this September to see the artwork showcased this year. 

With a variety of venues hosting exhibits, students were able to walk in small groups to see artwork displayed in parks, museums, hotels, storefronts, and on bridges. Mrs. Beckwith shared, “[ArtPrize] was a way for students to get out into the city, explore the area around them, and contemplate art and the author's purpose behind a piece.” 

Each student had their own favorite art piece. Mia, 7th grader, said, “My favorite pieces were the horses made of wire and the picture that showed the differences of the body.” In comparison to previous years, Grant, 6th grader, said, “It seems more colorful than before. It's all very beautiful.” The group stopped at Veterans’ Memorial Park, where various veterans had submitted art pieces about their military experience or returning home. Students wrote messages on yellow ribbons thanking veterans for their service. They also stopped at the dinosaurs outside of the Fifth Third Business Center on Lyon Street. Chloe, 6th grader, said, "I like the colorful dinosaurs. They look like little kids did it." 

Alex, 6th grader, reflected on all the pieces the group saw downtown, "The technology that some of the artists used is awesome. It's hard to wrap my head around how they did it because some of them are so big and so detailed." ArtPrize was loved by all the 6th-8th grade students, and ASA looks forward to taking the next group when the event returns in 2023.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

ASA School Carnival

It had been 18 months since the entire All Saints Academy community had an event to rally around. 2021 brought with it the opportunity to again gather for some school fun!

The school carnival had been 30 months in the making, first planned for March 2020, but delayed due to COVID. Finally on a beautiful Saturday in September, with proper social distancing outside, the carnival was in full swing! All ASA families were invited to attend and encouraged to bring friends. 

Hundreds of ASA families and friends gathered for an afternoon of fun and community. Games such as Par 1 Golf, Princess Rescue and Meteor Drop as well as a bounce house and inflatable obstacle course drew kids of all ages in. A Candy Walk and Pop Bottle Toss provided opportunities for everyone to win fun treats to bring home with them. Games suited for preschool friends allowed for younger guests to show off their skills.

A huge thank you goes out to the volunteers who made the day possible! The committee looks forward to planning the next carnival tentatively scheduled for fall 2023. If you are interested in joining the planning fun, email