Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Welcome Mr. Lee


I have been a Grand Rapids resident for the past 6 years, but I am originally from Riverside, California. I was excited to move back to my mother’s hometown, she grew up on the Westside of Grand Rapids. In May 2020 I graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design with a double major in Art Education and DrawingAs a working artist I have a natural love for learning and teaching. I find it is important to seek beauty in the practical as well as the ornate. 

As All Saints Academy’s new Technology Teacher (3rd-5th grade), I want to ensure our students receive skills and knowledge that helps them thrive in our changing world. The student’s study of visual culture, computer literacy, and software navigation will allow to become adept technological problem solvers. The repetition of skilled tasks like typing, hotkey commands, and coding, gives students a broad base of applied knowledge they can build on throughout their lives.  


It is my honor and pleasure to work with such an animated and creative group of students. I look forward to creating the ideal educational environment for all! 


Best wishes, Mr. Lee 

Friday, December 18, 2020

Merry Christmas from 8th Grade!

 Caroling in 2020

Although the normal 8th grade caroling tour was not possible this year, we were able to get the ASA class of 2021 together with Mrs. Clark to sing a few Christmas songs. We are happy to be able to share these with you today! Merry Christmas! 

Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Amazing Race: School Edition!

 Creativity and Innovation @ ASA!

By Nick Schaab

On Wednesday, I, and with the help of Mr. Kress and Mrs. Gibson did a Amazing Race for my class, the 7th graders. I have been planning this since December started. I first got the idea because I made 2 Amazing Races for my family to do and because my family and I are obsessed with the Amazing Race. We have watched 7 seasons in the span of about 2 months! So I started to plan one for my class to do with the help of my mom. 

To start off, I made a riddle to find where their next clue was. Once they found that they would go to a roadblock which is a challenge that only 1 person can do. The challenge was to successfully wrap 2 presents. (that was my mom's idea) It was pretty funny to watch. The third challenge they had to do was a choice between a parkour course on the playground and playing around the world in basketball. After they finished that they were to head to the pit-stop/finnish line. Dean and Roman won the race, but everyone got their favorite candy. It was really fun. I would like to thank Mr. Kress, Mrs. Gibson, and my mom for helping me.

I thought it was really fun. I liked how are class had to work together and strategies to win the race. Everyone had a good time, even if they didn't win. I think it was a great way to end off the break school right before break. -Dean Armock

I liked it alot especially when we had to find the clues for everything and I am happy that Nick got us candy at the end. I am grateful when Nick took his own time to do something for us. -Austin Phillips

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Color Monsters

Students are building their feelings vocabulary. They are encouraged to practice identifying and naming the feelings that they are experiencing. Students are given an opportunity to practice noticing what is physically happening when they have a feeling. They may feel their muscles tense up or their face gets red when they are mad or they notice butterflies in their stomachs and sweaty hands when they are nervous. When they recognize what feeling they are experiencing, they are more equipped to manage their feelings in an effective way. 

The story that was in the spotlight for this classroom visit was The Color Monster, written by Anna Llenas. This fun picture book explores how a monster learns to sort out his mixed up feelings. The story connects feelings with colors and experiences while fostering their emotional literacy. 

While at home, families can utilize literature, tv shows or movies to provide great opportunities for identifying characters’ feelings, what clues led you to think they felt a certain way, how they handled the feeling. Identifying some other options to cope with the feeling allows reinforcement of building emotional literacy skills. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

3rd Grade Balloon Cars

Third graders learn about motion (position, direction, speed) during science lessons.  Making motion observations fun, Dr. Groh visits with Balloon Cars each fall.  Dr. Dan Groh is a science professor at GRCC teaching chemistry.  As part of the GRCC community involvement, Dr. Groh joins ASA a couple times a year adding to student's scientific understanding.  

Lydia:  "This was really cool!"
Poppy:  "It was awesome!  Great learning experience of force."
Amelia:  "Friction is science!"
Ashley:  "I liked learning about speed, direction and position of the balloon car."

Evy:  "Friction balloon cars are awesome!!! Thank you Dr. Groh!"
Parker:  "It was a great way to learn science."
Isabella:  I like learning about movement of air."  
Wes:  "I like learning about friction."
Elijah:  "Balloon cars are cool."
Taras:  "It was cool and had a lot of friction.  Thanks for the Balloon Car, Dr. Groh"
Ben:  "I learned how the speed, direction, and position are changed,"

Jacob:  "It was fun to watch and it was cool to see when we raced to see who would win.  Thank you for teaching us with the balloon car."
Joey:  "It was impressive."
Kyle: "I loved it!  It was cool!  I liked learning about the force of air."
Isaac:  "if you're learning about motion, you should do the balloon car lab."
Andrew:  It was fun."
Mason:  "It was fun learning about speed, direction, and motion from Dr. Groh."