Wednesday, June 26, 2019

2018-2019 ASA Alumni Quarter 4 High School Honor Roll

Always proud to celebrate the growth and accomplishments of all of our All Saints Academy alumni! 
Congratulations to all! 

ASA Class of 2019

By The Numbers

95% of this year's graduating class will be going on to either Catholic Central or West Catholic for high school in the fall! As we send these new All Saints Academy alumni to high school let's take a minute to celebrate their accomplishments so far! 


ACRE Test Scores

Spanish 2 Placement: 
Two of our graduates this year placed directly into Spanish 2 as freshman! 

High School Math Placement: 
Two of our graduations placed into Geometry as freshman! 

Presidential Academic Excellence Awards: 
Awarded to students with an A average in Trimester 1 & 2 of 8th grade (3.5+) and an 85th percentile or above on the MAPs standardized test or PSAT.
Receiving the award this year are:

  • Morgan Armock
  • Andrew Badjek
  • Julia Baker
  • Braden Druelle
  • Owen Ellis
  • Sam Ferguson
  • Olivia Goode
  • Noelle Hall
  • Monica Hormouth
  • Maya Lenkiewicz
  • Ckaya Levanduski
  • Jessica Martinez
  • Margaret Needham
  • Madeline Pastoor
  • Ben Roberts
  • Jacob Sisk

Band Awards: 
Director's Award - Jessica Martinez
Woody Herman Jazz Award - Noelle Hall 

Service Hours Recorded in 8th grade: 8th grade students are required to complete 20 service hours and participate in Service Corp. At graduation we celebrate students that go above and beyond this requirement! 

St Francis Society (30 hours or more):
  • Morgan Armock
  • Stephanie Ball
  • Braden Druelle
  • Sam Ferguson
  • Olivia Goode
  • Margaret Needham
  • Madeline Pastoor
  • Jacob Sisk
Saint Teresa of Calcutta Award (over 40 hours):
  • Morgan Armock
  • Stephanie Ball
  • Braden Druelle
  • Olivia Goode
  • Margaret Needham
  • Madeline Pastoor

Core Value Awards: At graduation each 8th grade student is recognized by teachers for the Core Value they best embody. 

Faith: Monica Hormuth, Maya Lenkiewicz, Kalem McArthur, and Margaret Needham 

  • Is grounded in Catholic doctrine and Church teachings, lived out in loving and service.
  • Is a discerning believer formed in the Catholic faith community who celebrates God's presence through Sacred Scripture, liturgy, and the sacraments.
  • Is a faithful Catholic who prays, forgives, and upholds moral and ethical principles. 
  • Share the Good News enthusiastically. 
Learning: Morgan Armock, Andrew Badjek, Owen Ellis, Olivia Goode, Noelle Hall, Ethan Kowalczyk, and Isabella Salinas
  • Is prepared for success in high school and further education by having mastered a well-rounded and a challenging faith-based curriculum.
  • Uses technological tools to enhance learning basic concepts, skills, and standards. 
  • Is an independent learner, has a strong foundation for lifelong learning.
  • Is a reflective, creative, and holistic thinker who solves problems and makes responsible decisions. 
  • Uses a collaborative approach; participates actively in team work. 
  • Exhibits self-discipline, organization, and time management. 
Loving: Gabby Aguilar, Julia Baker, Stephanie Ball, Luis Barajas, Jessica Martinez, Ben Roberts, and Jacob Sisk
  • Cares about self and those around them; exhibits empathy and values others for who they are. 
  • Cares for the environment; acts to sustain the earth as God's creation. 
  • Respects cultural differences; sensitive to diverse perspectives, and opinions. 
Serving: Braden Druelle, Sam Ferguson, Ckaya Levanduski, Madeline Pastoor, and Gael Silvestre
  • Puts into action Christ's teaching through service.
  • Offers joyful service; recognizes opportunities to serve in both internal and external communities (parishes, neighborhoods, family, friends) 
  • Has developed skills for leadership, public speaking, advocacy, self-confidence, negotiation, and compromising. 
Andrew Bajdek - 2019 Bishop Baraga Award Winner 

Bishop Baraga Award: 
The venerable Frederic Baraga was a missionary, priest and Bishop known for his many works in our state of Michigan, even spending some time in Grand Rapids. 

Bishop Baraga exemplified the core values of All Saints Academy during his years of ministry. 

Each year we select an 8th grade graduate who also exemplifies our core values of faith, learning, loving and serving for the Bishop Baraga Award. This year's award goes to Andrew Bajdek

8th Grade Athletes: 
  • Morgan Armock
  • Andrew Bajdek
  • Julia Baker
  • Luis Barajas
  • Braden Druelle
  • Owen Ellis
  • Olivia Goode
  • Noelle Hall
  • Monica Hormuth
  • Ethan Kowalczyk
  • Maya Lenkiewicz
  • Ckaya Levanduski
  • Jessica Martinez
  • Kalem McArthur
  • Margaret Needham
  • Isabella Salinas
  • Jake Sisk

Congratulations to the class of 2019! 
We are so proud of you! 
We send you out to Serve All! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Wrapping Up 2018-2019

Celebrating our Faith, A Year of Learning,  

and Loving & Serving as a Community! 

Invention Convention: 


Middle School Musical and Drama Performances: 

Hi Tops

The Midas Touch

The Emperor's New Hair

Elementary Mileage Club: 

International Food Tasting: 

Lewis and Clark: 

Science Demos with Dr. Groh: 

8th Grade Graduation: 

Service Corps Presentations
Leadership Mass
Athletic Banquet

Praying with K-3rd Grade 

Fun Day

Core Values Speeches

Bishop Baraga Award

Elementary Teacher Swap Day: 

Middle School Elective & Service Days: 

Green Screen Fun


Getting Ready for 2019-2020

Design Thinking

3rd Grade Middle School Visit Day and Breakfast: 

Centering Prayer (Mindfulness): 

Field Day K-7th 2019: 

Morning Prayer, K-7th Together as One! 

Community Cookout!

Mass TOGETHER as ONE on The Last Day of 2018-2019: