Friday, September 25, 2020

Traditional Literature: Learning Around "A Fire"

Learning about traditional literature...myths, legends, tall tales, and part of the fifth grade unit on genre. Traditional literature always seems to be the hardest for students to comprehend.  Being able to physically hangout around one for the school day helps drive the idea home. Here is an explanation of this experience in their own words:

In 5th Grade "we were studying traditional literature so we had a camp fire.  A long time ago, people learned through stories and they would do it around a fire because there was no written language yet. That’s why we had a campfire,” explained Alex. 

“I liked that it was homemade because it was made out of a bucket, easter basket stuff, and paper logs. The lights that made the fire made it more realistic. They even flickered on and off,” shared Chloe. 

Olivia added, “We read books around the campfire, too.”

It’s true! After the story telling, students reviewed what they learned about traditional literature, and then they got comfy in their bean bags to read their independent reading books. 

Leah summed up the whole experience. ” It was cool because we got to connect to the past!”

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Welcome Miss Wilson


Hello! My name is Ashley Wilson and I am excited to be joining the All Saints Academy family as the Elementary Administrative Assistant. I am originally from Minnesota where I grew up with my parents and my younger brother. 

After studying math at a Catholic college in MN, I was a Catholic missionary for two years at Grand Valley State University here in Grand Rapids. As a missionary, I led bible studies and journeyed with women in the faith: some were just starting to learn about the Catholic faith, some had not been to confession in years, and some were looking to know how to journey with other women. I finished my time at Grand Valley in June and these past few months I’ve been working as a college campus minister in Cincinnati. After a difficult transition to a new city in the middle of a pandemic, I saw a need to be back in a place where I know people, and the Lord provided this great opportunity through All Saints Academy to move back to Grand Rapids!

I also love playing games, doing puzzles, reading, and going on adventures with family and friends. My family owns a cabin in Northern Minnesota, so I love spending time at the cabin boating, fishing, and four wheeling. I also love watching hockey and playing boot hockey on our lake in the winter!

I am excited to be back in such a great city and I look forward to serving this community! 


Friday, September 4, 2020

Growing Our Brains & Exploring God's Creation

As we wrap up our 3rd week of school we pause for a restful long weekend, and take a quick look at some of the learning activities of this last week.