Thursday, February 24, 2022

Balloon Cars!

 Who doesn't like to play with balloons?? 

Third graders had the opportunity to mess-around with balloon cars recently, observing motion as part of the third grade science curriculum. 

Dr. Groh visited from the GRCC physical sciences department with a box of balloon car parts. Third graders assembled their own car, blew up the balloon, and observed the motion through several trials.  

As part of the Forces and Interactions science unit, third graders investigate motion. Key vocabulary is push, pull, force, balanced and unbalanced, friction, gravity and gravitational force.

”The balloon car is cool for science, but you can also use it for calming down,” Elise

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Michigan's 185th Birthday

Happy Birthday Michigan!  Established on January 26, 1837, Michigan turned 185 this year!

“This is FUN!” Peyton exclaimed with a large smile. It’s always fun to have a birthday party … especially to celebrate 185 years old! Third grade had a great time celebrating Michigan’s Birthday this past month.

Third graders focus on Michigan history throughout the year for their social studies curriculum. They learn about 

  • Michigan’s geography and natural resources
  • The events that lead to Michigan’s statehood on January 26, 1837
  • The people who live in our beautiful state prior to us
  • The Pledge of Allegiance to the Michigan flag
  • How counties and cities were named
  • The basics of Michigan’s government and the branches of government
  • Some shipwrecks
  • Capitol building in East Lansing (with a visit to the Capitol)
  • Major changes to physical features of Michigan (ie: The Mighty Mac) 
  • And much, much, more! 

So, it’s only natural to celebrate Michigan’s Birthday. We made birthday hats! We all wore clothing that had “something Michigan” on it! We filled the day with Michigan puzzles, videos, and activities, and ended the day with Michigan cookies … complete with, or without, snow.

 Happy Birthday, Michigan!

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

100 Days Smarter

Monday, February 9th was full of celebration and counting at ASA this week as classrooms celebrated the 100th day of school! For our kindergartners and Lower Campus students, this day is a big deal as 100 is quite an accomplishment.

Our two kindergarten classes dressed in their 100 superhero capes decorated with 100 rainbows, penguins, cotton balls, dinosaurs, hearts, pipe cleaners, and more! They also wrote their numbers all the way up to 100 and made a book of 100 stamps! Kindergarten received a special pizza party during lunch to celebrate all their hard work during these first 100 days of school.

Other classes joined in on the 100th day of school fun too! 1st and 2nd grade had a 100 day themed snack and reflected on what it would be like to be 100. We even had a few first graders see what it would be like to look 100! Mrs. Blalock's Preschool 5 class made 100 days smarter headbands and counted out 100 cheerios and gumballs!

As you look back on these past 100 days of the 2021-2022 school year, we hope your family can reflect on all the memories and areas of growth. We look forward to finishing the school year together with you!

Friday, February 4, 2022

Catholic Schools Week 2022

National Catholic Schools Week is a week Catholic students across the nation look forward to every year! Full of dress up days, Masses, and fun activities, this week celebrates the value of Catholic education for our families and its contributions to our parishes, communities, and nation. While we should always celebrate the gift of Catholic education, this week is a special one at All Saints Academy as our students join in on the annual celebratory week with the rest of the nation’s Catholic Schools

The week was kicked off with family and friends at our annual Pack the Pews celebration at St. Alphonsus. Due to our unique four parish community, rarely do classmates get to see each other at Masses on the weekend. Pack the Pews brings us all together at one Mass and is a great way to start off the week.

Students started off the school week with a Red, White, and Blue Day to celebrate our nation. Each campus also prayed an all school rosary as part of morning prayer.

On Tuesday, Bishop Walkowiak celebrated Mass at the Cathedral. Ms. Starback’s 3rd grade class attended in honor of All Saints Academy. All other students were able to watch the livestream in their classrooms. Tuesday’s theme was Team Jersey Day where students were encouraged to show off their favorite sports team! Both campuses also got a visit from their favorite mascot, Eddie the Eagle!

Wednesday’s CSW theme is Celebrating our Community and there is no better way to do so than our annual all school Mass at St. Alphonsus. This was a special occasion for our school community since we were not able to have an all school Mass last year. For some students, this was the first time they had ever been to St. Alphonsus! 3rd grade was our choir and we had an 8th grader and two second graders read for Mass. Preschoolers had their own prayer service at Blessed Sacraments. Due to the Mass and prayer service, students were told to “Dress Up for Jesus” on Wednesday.  

Thursday we celebrated all vocations! Students dressed up as various jobs, religious vocations, or inspiring saints. Students also wrote thank you cards to the clergy members of our four founding parishes. Thursday we also had two new principals: Mr. Drew Lehmkuhl and Mr. Andrew Mitchell! These two stepped up in leadership for a day while ensuring everyone had a little fun. They both made an announcement that in February all Mondays and Fridays are color days! Thanks Principal Drew & Andrew!


We ended Thursday with our annual 8th grade versus staff basketball game at St. Isidore. 8th grade made history this year by being the first ever 8th grade class to beat the staff. 8th grade won with a final score of 56-40.

We ended the week by celebrating students with a comfy clothes day and crazy hair day! Our upper campus also had some more staff versus student games to end the week!


Thank you to all the staff who helped make Catholic Schools Week something special for our students! Thank you to parents for their continued support and thank you to all our students who make Catholic Schools Week a week to remember! Celebrating Catholic education never ends, so we look forward to celebrating Catholic education with you through the rest of this year and in the years to come!