Wednesday, February 9, 2022

100 Days Smarter

Monday, February 9th was full of celebration and counting at ASA this week as classrooms celebrated the 100th day of school! For our kindergartners and Lower Campus students, this day is a big deal as 100 is quite an accomplishment.

Our two kindergarten classes dressed in their 100 superhero capes decorated with 100 rainbows, penguins, cotton balls, dinosaurs, hearts, pipe cleaners, and more! They also wrote their numbers all the way up to 100 and made a book of 100 stamps! Kindergarten received a special pizza party during lunch to celebrate all their hard work during these first 100 days of school.

Other classes joined in on the 100th day of school fun too! 1st and 2nd grade had a 100 day themed snack and reflected on what it would be like to be 100. We even had a few first graders see what it would be like to look 100! Mrs. Blalock's Preschool 5 class made 100 days smarter headbands and counted out 100 cheerios and gumballs!

As you look back on these past 100 days of the 2021-2022 school year, we hope your family can reflect on all the memories and areas of growth. We look forward to finishing the school year together with you!

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