Wednesday, December 2, 2020

3rd Grade Balloon Cars

Third graders learn about motion (position, direction, speed) during science lessons.  Making motion observations fun, Dr. Groh visits with Balloon Cars each fall.  Dr. Dan Groh is a science professor at GRCC teaching chemistry.  As part of the GRCC community involvement, Dr. Groh joins ASA a couple times a year adding to student's scientific understanding.  

Lydia:  "This was really cool!"
Poppy:  "It was awesome!  Great learning experience of force."
Amelia:  "Friction is science!"
Ashley:  "I liked learning about speed, direction and position of the balloon car."

Evy:  "Friction balloon cars are awesome!!! Thank you Dr. Groh!"
Parker:  "It was a great way to learn science."
Isabella:  I like learning about movement of air."  
Wes:  "I like learning about friction."
Elijah:  "Balloon cars are cool."
Taras:  "It was cool and had a lot of friction.  Thanks for the Balloon Car, Dr. Groh"
Ben:  "I learned how the speed, direction, and position are changed,"

Jacob:  "It was fun to watch and it was cool to see when we raced to see who would win.  Thank you for teaching us with the balloon car."
Joey:  "It was impressive."
Kyle: "I loved it!  It was cool!  I liked learning about the force of air."
Isaac:  "if you're learning about motion, you should do the balloon car lab."
Andrew:  It was fun."
Mason:  "It was fun learning about speed, direction, and motion from Dr. Groh." 

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