Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Kindergarten In Motion

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to spend time in one of our Kindergarten classrooms, you know they are filled with very busy 5 and 6 year olds, who don’t seem to ever stop moving! They are filled with endless energy and a love of learning! 

Over the past few weeks, the Kindergarten students have had a chance to explore, investigate, reflect upon and discuss how the forces of pushes and pulls produce and affect the motion of objects. 

Students began learning about pushes and pulls using the movements of their own bodies. They discovered that actions as simple as walking, climbing and jumping involve using pushes and pulls. 


Next, they explored a variety of play stations to collect data on how many pushes and pulls were used to make things move. They also enjoyed rolling, kicking and throwing balls in order to set them in motion! Along the way, students learned what barriers are and how barriers can change the speed and direction of an object. 

As a culminating activity, kindergartners became engineers and had to work as a team to design a structure that would allow a ball in motion to travel from point A to point B! Students had a lot of fun and really made excellent learning connections as they worked through the unit on motion!

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