Wednesday, November 10, 2021

A Day...or Nine... on the Farm

October brings a favorite event of fifth graders...A Day on the Farm at the Franciscan Life Process Center in Lowell. But did you know the fifth grade actually spends nine days throughout the school year at the Franciscan Life Process Center? We just put our first three days in the books! We will be going back in the winter and then again in the spring. 

 What was it like? It was a fast and furious first three days of learning. Each day we began with “little portions” where we went in pairs to practice observation skills using sights, smells, and sounds to experience nature at our chosen “little portions” of the land around us. Other activities we did outside included feeding the farm animals, getting the garden ready for winter, picking the last of the vegetables and putting them in the cellar, and taking hikes to explore different habitats. 

 When we were inside the classroom, we learned how to identify trees with Sister, and we practiced that skill when we went hiking. We also did a cool art project with Ms. Cathy, and we went outside with Mr. Chris to play team survival games that helped us practice our critical thinking skills and made us practice using good communication with each other. 

 We loved eating our lunches outside because after that we played class games of capture the flag and hunted for painted rocks other visitors hid around the property. We plan to take some painted rocks with us next time so that we can hide them for others that go there. 

 We didn’t just like it. We LOVED it, and we cannot wait to go back!

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