Wednesday, November 3, 2021

ASA All Stars

Last spring, we showcased each and every staff and faculty member on our Facebook page with our #ASAAllStar campaign sponsored by Roersma & Wurn Builders. The #ASAAllStar initiative highlighted the amazing work of our teachers and staff members at All Saints Academy, especially during the unprecedented school year after the pandemic shut down. We encouraged all members of our ASA community, whether students, parents, co-workers, or others, to share their words and help us recognize the heroes among us. These campaign posts were fun and engaging for our whole community as we celebrated the incredible dedication of our staff.

This fall, there continues to be a lot of hard work and teamwork from our staff and community as we face continuing and new adversities. While some things have returned to "normal", such as students eating in the cafeteria and events being in-person, the pandemic continues to affect our ASA students, families, staff, and parishes. Our teachers and staff continue to sacrifice daily for the good of our students and community. So our #ASAAllStar campaign has continued, but in a different way.

On October 25th, each ASA staff member was seen rocking a new pair of red Converse All Stars. In addition to being an appreciation gift for the hard work of our staff, these shoes were a physical reminder for our staff that we are one as we face both the challenges and joys of a new school year. Additionally, it was an external sign to our students and larger community of our whole staff commitment to their children's Catholic education. Throughout the day, many of students pointed out how all the teachers were wearing the same red shoes!

These shoes were only possible because of a generous donation from Roersma & Wurn Builders. Thank you, Roersma & Wurn, for your continued support towards educating the next generation of saints and for continuing to uplift and encourage our staff.

As the school year continues, we hope these Converse All Stars are a reminder of our staff's dedication towards our core belief that we are one. Lastly, thank you to each and every staff member for their continued hard work, teamwork, and passion towards ASA. We couldn't form saints to serve all without each and every one of you.

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