Friday, March 1, 2019

It's Cool To Be Catholic

5th Grade Class Retreat

By Roman Plew, Dean Armock, Ben Jared and Lucas Puls.

Each year the ASA 5th grade class spends a retreat day learning about The Mystery of the Incarnation. This year the boys had a special guest working with on writing their own Personal Catholic Mission Statement! 

Master Kilroy loves to teach students and loves to say “it's cool to be catholic.” Master Kilroy is super nice and he knows martial arts. He said he wouldn't want to be doing anything else but to be teaching us. He played irish instruments in front of our class. Master Kilroy is very good at playing all of his instruments. 

We had so much  fun and we learned so many things. He taught us four ways to be better Catholics. They are to pray every day, study the Bible, serve others with your time, talent and treasure, and to evangelize. We also learned that Master Kilroy is a very good  catholic. 

Master Kilroy had us write our very own Catholic mission statements to help us learn how to be better Catholics.

 "My mission statement is to follow Jesus footsteps and to be like Christ." - Roman

Lessons learned from their time with Coach K: 
Pray every day, in the morning and at night! 

Stand up for someone getting bullied. 
Give the talent you have to God! 
It's important to repent, ask for forgiveness and get back on track. 
I love God, Jesus & Life! 

While the boys worked with Coach Kilroy and Mr. Kress Addison and a friend worked with their moms on painting bowls for Soups on For All!

Other activities during this day included group discussions about The Incarnation, and birdhouse making!

During middle school class retreat days staff strive to give students a chance to work on their personal relationship with Christ, learn about some of the great mysteries of the faith, and practice their faith with projects that give back to the community or honor God's creation! 

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