Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Building Empathy

Empathy Puzzles

The fourth graders had a chance to grow their empathy skills through escape room puzzles! While in their groups, they were having fun working together to solve five puzzles and earn hearts to uncover the secret message about empathy. They showed off their ability to work as a team, listen to each other’s ideas, encourage one another, take turns trying ideas and celebrating each other’s accomplishments. The final challenge allowed the students to discover the secret message, Empathy can change the world! 

Before we did the wax museum we did a puzzle game. It would mostly help us with teamwork. Most of the puzzles were challenging but our group got through. We were happy when we finished it. ~Adam

We had to share our ideas. It was challenging and fun to get to the next puzzle. ~Elizabeth

It was really fun because we got to work as a group and get to know each other more. I learned Shannon is really good at puzzles! ~Jada

It was challenging but we worked together! ~ Liam

It was fun! We had to work as a team to get to the next puzzle. ~ Tommy

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