Wednesday, October 19, 2022

1st Grade's Daily Three

Read. Read. Read. As young readers work to grow their reading brains, one thing they must do always stands out. That one thing, you guessed it, readers must READ! Mrs. Schneider’s first graders are working on becoming independent readers by reading. To facilitate this goal, students engage in a daily reading workshop named The Daily 3. This workshop is based on The Daily 5 literacy framework developed by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser.

Each day students engage in 3 literacy activities: Read to Self, Listen to Reading, and Word Work. Read to Self is the first activity the students engage in. This activity starts the second day of school as students begin to build their reading stamina after detailing what Read to Self should look like in the classroom. Once students have built their Read to Self stamina, the next two components (Listen to Reading and Word Work) are introduced.

 During Read to Self students spend time reading around the classroom from the books in their book box. The books students have in their book boxes are self-selected by each student and include books that are just right (with words the student can practice reading) and look books (the student can read the pictures in these books). During this time students practice building their reading accuracy and fluency.


When it is time for Word Work students sort and read words based on the current spelling phonics focus. Then students can select one of the word work activities to practice spelling the words in their word study. Finally, Listen to Reading is a time for students to engage with technology. To start the year students spend time using the Lexia Core 5 online reading program. Once the framework is established and well underway, students begin having the opportunity to listen to audiobooks using books on CD and CD players. The students are really excited to use some retro technology when the CD players come out!

First grade is such an exciting time in the educational journey of a child as each child develops more and more reading skills on her/his way to becoming a more fluent reader. Watching the excitement of the first grade readers as they engage in the Daily 3 activities is one of the true joys of learning!

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