Thursday, November 12, 2020

ASA Votes

All Saints Academy may be where news outlets focus their attention in 2024. For the third time in a row, the ASA student vote was predictive of the Presidential election results. Just as in 2012 with the majority of votes for Barack Obama and 2016 with votes in favor of Donald Trump, K-8 students voted for Joe Biden 89-64 (58%-42%). 

Students in grades K-2 voted with paper ballots, dropping in their votes to the ballot box one by one in the hallways in order to maintain safe distances. Third through eighth grade students voted online through a Google Form. The Elementary vote was 38-33 in favor of President-Elect Biden while the Middle School also voted in favor of the former Vice-President 51-31. 

The students were excited to be able to participate in this exercise.  Great conversations and learning took place leading up to election day.  It was awesome to see the students partake in the process.

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