Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Virtual Calming Rooms

Healthy Coping Strategies to Relax 

& Find Peace

Explore ASA’s Virtual Calming Rooms

Whether in the school building or at home, our students continue to grow their emotional literacy daily. Emotional literacy includes learning to be aware of and identify the many feelings we experience. Our current condition may require some of us to manage new, stronger and difficult emotions. 

At ASA, students learn all feelings are okay. They learn to explore tools that help manage the uncomfortable feelings they experience. To help to manage these uncomfortable feelings, students are equipped with knowledge of a variety of healthy coping strategies, such as, belly breaths, exercising, coloring, music, journaling, praying and talking to a trusted adult. Students learn that these strategies help them to calm their feeling brain and reset for success.

As we journey together through remote learning, we continue to provide our students with access to healthy tools for emotion management. Please take time to explore the Elementary Virtual Calming Room and/or the Middle School Virtual Calming Room. This is a resource that is designed as a continued support for all of our students.

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