Friday, May 29, 2020


Promoting Social Emotional Health

This week our middle school students explored the purpose of self-reflection on Wellness Wednesday.  Self-reflection can be defined as “the activity of thinking about your own feelings and behavior and the reasons that may lie behind them." Reflections help us to continue to grow, build our confidence, and to process our thoughts and feelings about experiences. Reflecting helps us to determine what we did well and areas we can grow.

This unique time and experience has left a mark on us all in some fashion. As our school year is winding down, there is value in making time to pause and reflect on our learning at home experience. Taking time for these reflections and having discussions help to grow self awareness, confidence and resilience as well as to help serve as a sense of closure.

Some ideas to reflect and talk about as a family could include:
  • Reflect on the first week of learning at home. What were you thinking and feeling?
  • Now that we are in the final stretch, what are you thinking and feeling?
  • What are you grateful for from the time learning at home?
  • How did your family grow in our Faith over the time learning at home?
  • What is something you demonstrated you could accomplish?
  • What were some challenges? What helped you get through the challenges?
  • How did you work well together as a family?
  • How did you spread kindness and/or serve others during this time?
  • What school project/assignment are you most proud of accomplishing during the time learning at home?

Another way to share a reflection about our time learning at home is making a time capsule. Taking time to write down how you celebrated special moments, recording new hobbies or interests that surfaced, special memories you created as a family, what you learned during this time, challenges and triumphs with learning at home and hopes for when the stay at home order is over, could be included.

The mark that COVID-19 has left on us will vary from person to person.  Taking time to reflect on this experience and time to process our time of learning at home helps to grow our social emotional skills. As we take the time to celebrate accomplishments and overcome challenges as a family, we begin to help have closure to this very unique school year.

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