Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Volunteer Spotlight February 2020

Mr. Vos

This year, the Home and School Association will be honoring volunteers who help make a difference at All Saints Academy. No matter the size of their efforts, these volunteers are a wonderful example of our core value of service. 

Our students are our most precious resources, so it is important that we keep them safe at all times. This means after the final bell has sounded and it is time for dismissal. The Elementary car line runs most efficiently when we have someone directing the traffic. This year, volunteer superstar Tom Vos added this task to his list of duties one days...and now he can be seen directing traffic nearly every single day!

You will see Mr. Vos directing traffic at 3:00 PM each day to make sure the lines are straight and cars have filled in properly. This has been our smoothest year dismissing students to date, thanks to Tom!  There has not been a day too cold or too wet, but it is time to bring on the sunshine. 

When you see Tom outside make sure to say thank you for keeping our kids safe! 

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