Wednesday, March 4, 2020

CSW 2020 Readers Theater Recap

All School Entertainment

Before our Catholic Schools Week 2020 All School Mass students in Kindergarten through 8th grade gathered for some readers theater performances by our 4th and 7th grade. A readers theater is is performed with scripts. Students do not memorize lines and few to no props are used. However, students practiced intently to share their special messages with their peers! 

The 4th graders performed the reader's theater "Glad to Help!" that focused on the life of Saint Andrew Kim Daegeon from Korea.  He helped the people of Korea by smuggling priests into Korea when people were being martyred for their faith.  In the reader's theater students explored what it means to really help others and not just help themselves.

The Seventh Graders performed three short readers theater pieces designed to teach and reinforce online safety and friendship skills.  

The first group performed "Can a Stranger be a Friend?". This dealt with the issue of having contact information shared with strangers and the importance of actually knowing the people you are communicating with over text.  The second group performed " A Secret for a Reason" in which a girl shares a social media password and a friend posts unwanted things to her account.  The third group performed "Gaming with Friends". In this situation a couple of friends are gaming together when they are approached by a stranger and invited into a gaming chat room.  

All three of the skits reinforce skills to help kids deal with peer pressure and friendships.  The skits were written by Jen Bengel.

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