Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Congratulations to Mr. Jon and the Fournier Family
2017 Eagle Award Winner

The Eagle Award is presented each year by the Home and School Association to a member of the All Saints Academy community in acknowledgement of his or her extraordinary contribution to the success of our school. This award enhances the culture of All Saints Academy by drawing attention to those who are living our Catholic faith and supporting our school mission by holding them up as an example for others to follow.  Along with an award for them to take home, the recipient’s name will be added to a perpetual plaque that is displayed in the halls of both the Elementary and Middle School campuses for all to see.

While it is true that no great achievement is accomplished by the work of one person, a significantly great work like the creation, building, and operation of All Saints Academy requires talented and committed people. The Eagle was selected to represent All Saints Academy and this award because it reflects the characteristics we hope for in our students and school community; fearlessness, tenacity, nurturing, high-flier, vitality.

This year’s recipient is Mr. Jon Fournier. Jon was a longtime staff member in the Maintenance Department. A “jack of all trades,” Jon shared his talents with everyone he came in contact with.  He greeted children coming into the Elementary Campus daily with a warm smile and he ALWAYS had something to say.  God had other plans (maybe Heaven needed some fixing up) and called Jon home unexpectedly on January 3rd of this year. The gift of Jon's life was continued with organ donation through "Gift of Life Michigan". This final act of giving is a symbol of who he was as a person and how he lived his life to help other people and gave selflessly.


Below is the nomination submitted by Mrs. Megan Schneider...

On behalf of my 4 year old son Hayden and myself, I nominate Mr. Jon for this year's Eagle Award.  Each day Mr. Jon greeted Hayden and I (along with almost every parent and child who entered the elementary campus doors) with a kind "Good Morning!"  He shared this simple greeting, which has such a powerful impact, with us all.  My son truly believes Mr. Jon could have fixed anything and, to this day, every time Hayden mentions something that has broken at school he is sure Mr. Jon could have fixed it.  Hayden's favorite memory of Mr. Jon came just this past Halloween.  Hayden loved Mr. Jon's costume--especially since Mr. Jon had to explain the costume was Fred Flintstone and not undergarments:).  

When remembering Mr. Jon Hayden still laughs about that moment and just yesterday I had to promise I would share the Flintstone's show with Hayden so he could know who Mr. Jon dressed up as:).  Hayden continues to talk about Mr. Jon regularly, and I know he misses him dearly (as we all do).  Hayden's relationship with Mr. Jon shows just how much of an impact a smile and a friendly greatly can have on someone's life.  

Mr. Jon loved ASA and cherished those who were a part of this community--for this reason (and many, many, many more reasons) Hayden & I nominate Mr. Jon.

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 1.10.29 PM.png

Mr. Jon was very involved at ASA outside of his daily duties. He loved leading the Ski Club each year. 

Past Eagle Award Winners

2011-Chris Burns
2012-Pete and Peg Gonzalez
2013-Mariae Firlit
2014-Christine Jarecki
2015-Linda Kozminski
2016-Judy Hardy


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