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ASA 2017 Graduates
Some Final Words

This year’s graduating 8th grade class started in Kindergarten the year All Saint’s Academy opened. As their 9 year journey comes to a close, and we prepare to send them out, here are some of their special memories and words of wisdom for the ASA community.

“I will remember how great and understanding my teachers were.” - Lily Frey
“Serving is a good things to do and an opportunity for good memories.” - Ceci Gipson
“Always be prepared, have fun, and go with the flow.” - Catherine Jones
“Always follow Jesus. Always complete your work.” - Abby Needham
“Forgive no matter what. Stay strong it’s going to be hard.” - Julia Frey
“Love others. Have fun, but pay attention.” - Abe Miller
“The most important thing I learned at ASA? How to be a good person.” - Abby Nawrocki
“Be respectful to everyone.” - Kevin Patterson
“What’s one thing I will remember about ASA? The awesome teachers.” - Reece Rowton
“Make friends.” - Max Held
“Be prepared” - Ryan Kubiak
“What am I looking forward to? New experiences.” - Rachel McGervey
“What is the most important thing I learned? Core Values.” - Jake Zimelis
“What is the most important thing I learned? Faith, Learning, Loving, Serving, Integrity.” - Izzy Spicer
“Be patient.” - Leah O’Rourke
“I will always remember my time at ASA.” - Andrew Armock
“What is one thing I will always remember about ASA? Going to Church.” - Gabe Groh
“Respect others. It goes by fast.” Rhiannon Wodarek
“I will remember my friends!” “Be yourself, smile, and stay confident.” - Bobby Koboi
“I will alway remember when Mr. Palmeri said “One more time for Bridget.” - Bridget Florido
“Cherish your close friends.” - Lizzie Hackett
“8th grade year is fun, but also a lot of preparing for high school.” - Amelia Joppich
“I have learned how to have the virtues of patience and tolerance.” - Layne Bearss


Before we send them out here are just a few more words of wisdom from the ASA staff to the 8th grade:

“I pray you go out to use your gifts and talents to serve all and become the best version of yourselves, Saints! Always know you are loved.” - Miss Giroux

“I pray you remember your ASA roots and the solid foundation you built while here.  Let faith be your guide, learning is lifelong, love God, and serve others.” - Mrs. Farnquist  

“God has a plan for you, everything happens for a reason, have faith.  Oh yeah - don't forget to have fun!” - Mrs. Patterson

Use what you have learned at All Saints Academy when life seems impossible and persevere.  You can all do it! Just believe in yourself and do good in the world.  Go out and spread the Good News to all you meet.  Oh--remember to smile and really live life! ~Mrs. C. Bowman

Trust in God and do your best! ~ Ms. Reeves

Remember to say good morning even if you don’t feel like it is.  Use the magic words please and thank you . God will watch over you and bless you.-Mrs. Pitsch

Lean on your faith as you go forward in life. God is always with you to help you face all the challenges and rewards in your future. ...and be sure to have a blast! - Mrs. Szczytko

God is Good!  All the Time!  Trust in God and His plan for you!  ~Mrs. Schneider

BELIEVE in God, in yourself and in others!  Believe that everything you do matters and go out and make a difference in the world! - Mrs. W. Bowman

You don’t grow when things are easy. You grow when things are hard. Embrace the challenges and don’t ever quit talking to your parents. Keep God close.  - Mrs. Zimelis

Don’t ever feel like you are alone. Reach out to God, your family, a friend, or us back at All Saints Academy whenever you need to!  Your gifts and the gifts of others are meant to be shared. Remember our root belief that “We are One!”  -Mr. Debri

I pray that you always find peace in God’s word and know that He always loves you. - Mrs. Livingston        

Profile of an ASA Graduate

  • A graduate from All Saints Academy is one who:
  • Faith
    • Is grounded in Catholic doctrine and Church teachings, lived out in loving and serving.
    • Is a discerning believer formed in the Catholic faith community who celebrates God’s presence through Sacred Scripture, liturgy, and the sacraments.
    • Is a faithful Catholic who prays, forgives, and upholds moral and ethical principles.
    • Enthusiastically shares the Good News.   
  • Learning
    • Is prepared for success in high school and further education by having mastered a well-rounded and a challenging faith-based curriculum.
    • Uses technological tools to enhance learning basic concepts, skills, and standards.
    • Is an independent learner; has strong foundation for lifelong learning.
    • Is a reflective, creative, and holistic thinker who solves problems and makes responsible decisions.
    • Uses a collaborative approach; participates actively in team work.
    • Exhibits self-discipline, organization, and time management.
  • Loving
    • Cares about self and those about them; exhibits empathy and values others for who they are.
    • Cares for the environment; acts to sustain the earth as God’s creation.
    • Respects cultural differences; sensitive to diverse perspectives, and opinions.
  • Serving
    • Puts into action Christ’s teaching through service.
    • Offers joyful service; recognizes opportunities to serve in both internal and external communities (parishes, neighborhoods, family, friends).
    • Has developed skills for leadership, public speaking, advocacy, self-confidence, negotiation, and compromising.

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