Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Thank You, Coaches!

Sports are an essential part of All Saints Academy. Participating in sports programs encourages exercise and character development, and athletes enjoy playing on a team with their friends while building confidence and skills. Our sports programs are an extension of the classroom as our athletes learn teamwork and Catholic attitudes of fair play.

ASA is a member of the Grand Rapids Area Catholic Elementary Athletic Council (GRACEAC) which oversees the athletic programs for the Catholic and Christian elementary schools in the Grand Rapids area. All Upper Campus students in grades 5-8 are eligible to participate in various sports including Cross Country, Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Sideline Cheer, Basketball, Competitive Cheer, Baseball, Lacrosse, Downhill Ski, Softball, Track & Field, Tennis (6th-8th only). This year, GRACEAC expanded its offerings to include several grades 3-4 programs, including cheer, lacrosse, flag football, track & field, girls' soccer, and basketball.

All of these sports would not be possible without the help and dedication of our coaches. We have been very blessed over the years to have parents, staff members, alumni, and other community members offer their time and talent to coach to make our sports programs a success. Here are some reflections from just a few of the many coaches who help make our programs possible:

“Students at ASA benefit from school sports because it helps build camaraderie outside of the classroom. They are tasked with learning how to support one another and lift each other up to play at their highest potential! As a coach, it is a true gift to be a part of that learning and development in the kids.” - Coach Matlak

“Coaching means a lot to me because being a positive role model can make a huge impact on our kids' lives. Sports is a great way for students to gain confidence, learn teamwork, learn to be leaders, learn that you can work hard and still have fun doing it, and a great way for them to learn that practice makes progress.” - Coach Oteto 

“I am and always will be so grateful for youth athletics. I also love the special bond that sports teams provide students and coaches alike. Going out and showcasing your God-given talents in competition with one another creates a bond that is unlike another other. There are so many life lessons taught on a nightly basis that help our students as they navigate adolescence.” - Coach Gietzen

“Coaching is really just an extension of teaching. We work hard to not only help athletes to become more solid in their skill development but also teach them good sportsmanship and how to play together as a team. It is so much fun watching these athletes grow together and persevere through the hard stuff. I love celebrating those first points, tough defense, and wins with my team; while also taking those losses as opportunities to grow.” - Coach LaPonsie

Some of our student-athletes offered their gratitude and shared valuable lessons they learned from their coaches this year.

“Coach George helped me with my stick skills.” - Stella

“Coach Gietzen taught me a better mentality toward sports.” - Leo

“Our coach was very encouraging!” - Lexy

“My dad helped coach this year, and he helped me with my jump shot form.” - Max

“Our coach helped us grow.” - Maddie

My coach helped me learn how to meet new people and showed me how to play a new sport.” - Andrew

“Thank you to all of my coaches for helping me have the courage to shoot and not be afraid of the ball.” - Esperanza

“My coach helped me learn plays and what to do on the court.” - Cooper

“My coach helped me figure out a lot of the different positions I played this year.” - Mia

“Coach Vos is helping me get better at pitching, and he helped me with my form.” - Fletcher

Coaches and athletes are recognized at our annual All Saints Academy Sports Banquet which will be held this year on Thursday, June 1, at 6:00 p.m. in the Brophy Center. From our students, parents, staff, and community, we say “thank you, coaches!”

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