Wednesday, January 25, 2023

The Wonderful Becky Grady!

Many of you may know All Saints Academy's retired teacher, Mrs. Becky Grady. Becky served in various capacities over her years at ASA, most recently as a part of our Early Childhood team. Following her retirement in June of 2020 she has enjoyed time traveling, building memories with family and friends and caring for her precious grandbabies. Because of her giving nature and love of children, did you know that Becky also spends some of her retirement right here in the Tom Schiller Learning Center? She offers weekly library sessions to the Preschool 3 through Preschool 5 classes– with each class meeting bi-weekly. Boy, are we blessed to have her!

Every Monday morning preschoolers gather with Mrs. Grady on the circle carpet for a quick lesson, a mystery bag activity, and a story. There is always a teaching moment included by this veteran teacher and the students go away enriched and joyful. Post story, students are encouraged to travel the room and choose a book to check out for classroom use—and then to find a quiet place to sit and enjoy their choice! Becky is thoughtful in the literature options she presents to each class, laying books on tables for preschoolers to peruse. Some are thematic, such as seasonal or holiday books. Others are just good reads!

We are so very appreciative of the gift of Becky Grady. It is because of her generosity of spirit that preschoolers are able to visit the library and delve more into the world of great books!

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