Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Number Corner News

The Kindergartners have been busy growing their brains and making connections using lessons from our new math program, Bridges, along with the skill-building activities in the Number Corner! Everyday, after lunch, students are excited to participate in engaging Number Corner activities such as, Calendar Grid, Calendar Collector and Counting School Days. 


Each and every activity gives students an opportunity to practice important mathematical skills at the Kindergarten level. Students practice counting, comparing numbers, reading and writing numerals, discovering patterns and even writing simple equations! Many days of the week feature a game for the kids to play to develop counting skills or computational fluency. 

 Here’s what a few students had to say about Number Corner…

“I like playing the number line game because it’s fun and like solving a mystery with numbers.” (Hudson)

 “I like counting the days of school because we get to see Zero the Hero.” (Isa)

“I like finding patterns on the calendar grid because we get to find the hiding bear.” (Finn)

“I like counting down the days until Christmas break because it’s exciting.” (Isaiah and Olivia)

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