Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Technology Tools for Parents

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Children are now growing up immersed in an online world. They watch their parents on their phones, older siblings are glued to their devices for both school and social activities, and they start playing online games at earlier and earlier ages. While the debate is still out on how this affects children long-term, the fact that keeping a child entertained on the internet can be a risky situation for their mental health and physical safety, unless the adults in charge have put necessary safeguards in place. 

Social media is one of the top places child predators seek out new victims, so it's important to both talk to your child about online dangers, and to set up parental controls to protect them. If you are a parent who is comfortable with technology, you probably have already put parent controls in place on all your child's devices, apps and accounts, monitor your child's online activity, and restrict their internet access. If you are a parent who is completely baffled by technology, and your 7 year old is your go-to tech expert, all these controls can seem overwhelming. What is a non-techie parent to do? Where do you even start? Once those parental controls are in place, how do you keep up with the latest ways for kids to bypass them besides fervent prayers to St. Isidore of Seville, the patron saint of the internet? (Yes, there really is a patron saint of the internet.)

Fortunately there are MANY resources available for parents, a simple Google search will bring up countless results. I'll point you to a few from organizations that are either currently in use at ASA, or that we've used in the past. Disclaimer:  ASA does not receive any compensation for any of the resources we recommend to parents. We share the resources we've found and used because we are passionate about working with parents to keep students safe.

Resources for Talking to Your Children About Online Dangers

It's never too early to start these conversations about online dangers and inappropriate content. Sadly, you'll want to have these conversations sooner than you think. 

Parental Controls

Which Apps and Games are Safe?

So your child has an iPad, gaming system or mobile phone, and they want all the latest apps and games that everyone else is using. How do you know they are safe?

How to Keep Up With New Tech?

Let's face it, our children have far more time on their hands than adults, and they are fearless. They always find the latest and greatest app, game, site, way to bypass parental controls, etc.

If you have questions or concerns, or wonder about the technology your child uses at ASA, please refer to this Technology in Use With Students page on our website, or feel free to reach out to me at

Many blessings,

Karen Szczytko (Sitko)
Technology Coordinator

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