Friday, August 19, 2022

If you build it, they will come!

Hardhats were required if you visited the Upper Campus this summer as construction crews were busy working on the field project.

Last November at Eaglefest our community raised $33,448 to make upgrades to our Upper Campus ball field and play area. Our first phase is focusing on the ball field itself. Over the years, the infield and dugouts became overgrown with weeds and we began to lose some of the grass in the outfield. Part of this had to do with the natural grade of the space as well as having no irrigation for the field. Problem solved! In the last two months Dykema Excavators took out dying trees and trimmed others in the way. They graded the area for better drainage and playability. The field dimensions were lengthened in the outfield. Hitting homeruns got a little harder! The infield was replaced with new stone dust. In the next couple of weeks Waterworks Irrigation will be installing an inground sprinkler system. We also extended the dugout fences from four to eight feet for the safety and protection of our students. The project is really starting to take shape. Once the irrigation is in we will plant grass seed and let mother nature take it from there.


Many thanks to Mark Wrona for his efforts in leading this project. Mr. Wrona is a Blessed Sacrament parishioner and retired landscape architect. He previously worked for Grand Rapids based firm, AMDG where he helped design Catholic Central’s C.A.T. facility. His expertise and passion were instrumental this past spring and summer.

We are so excited about the physical changes we are making to our school. Look for an update on the next phase of this project this fall!

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