Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Chicks Hatching

We began the Easter Season with a special delivery from the Poultry Farm. Three dozen fertilized eggs were delivered to our school and the eggs were divided up among the preschoolers, kindergarteners and fourth graders. 

The eggs were put in three different incubators with temperature and humidity closely monitored. Although we could not see all the growth inside the eggs, the students enjoyed counting days and following the growth chart each day. After a 21 incubation period, the baby chicks were ready to hatch! 


There was great excitement as these tiny little wet chicks pecked their way out of their shells. We observed them in the incubator until they were fully dry and then moved the baby chicks to their Brooder Box. It is amazing to watch the chicks grow and change each day! 

The students had a chance to pet, hold and observe them eating and drinking. Springtime is full of so many beautiful gifts from God. The baby chicks remind us of the miracles all around us!

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