Thursday, April 28, 2022

Easter Joy

 There has been a lot of Easter joy at All Saints Academy this week! As Pope John Paul II said, "We are the Easter People and hallelujah is our song."

Baby Ducks

As a follow-up to our Holy Week & New Life post, the baby ducks were born this week! We counted 10 baby ducks, and Mom has already relocated her nest with her new babies.  Our toddler classes were very excited to see the new life!

Eat Pray Run

After being sidelined for two years, Eat Pray Run returned to celebrate our faith and school community. Our 7th annual Eat Pray Run unfortunately turned into Eat Pray as the race portion was cancelled due to storms. 

The morning started with Pack the Pews at St. Jude and then continued into lunch and Kona Ice at the Lower Campus. We announced our raffle winners and kids were able to play on the playground before the rain came. The race will be rescheduled for our students.

The purpose and energy behind Eat Pray Run is to support our tuition assistance program, Tuition Angels. Each year ASA along with our founding parishes provide assistance to one out of four of our school families. Rooted in our core belief that We Are One, families are asked to raise $50 for Eat Pray Run and Tuition Angels. Below is a testimony from an ASA family who previously benefited from Tuition Angels:

Our family can not even begin to tell you how much of an impact Tuition Angels has had on our lives. A few years ago, we were struggling to figure out how we were going to continue Catholic education. I had a change in employment which caused me to have to take a significant pay cut. Money was extremely tight and we had bills piling up as well. We approached ASA with our dilemma and were met with open arms. There was no judgment and the school was there to help get us through this trying time. I can say, without a doubt, that without the help of Tuition Angels, we would not be able to still be members of the ASA family. ASA has become our home and we feel truly blessed that we were given this opportunity. We never knew how much an impact the money raised from Eat, Pray, Run had on our school community until then and are extremely grateful.

Thank you for the hard work of our students and families and the generosity of all our donors. Together, we raised over $16,688, with a net income of $11,706.45 for Tuition Angels! 

Alleluia Day

Alleluia Day is a day where our students celebrate the Easter promise of eternal life with God, the joy of the creation of ASA, a new school born from four founding parish schools, and the new life we see popping up all around us in spring! After smaller celebrations last year, this year we finally celebrated as one school joined on one campus. 

Students started the morning with Mass at Blessed Sacrament. They then practiced for their afternoon Praise Concert before breaking into their classes for various activities. Our 3rd - 8th graders read to the preschoolers in the morning and then had various specials classes. After lunch and recess, they went bowling at Northfield Lanes. Our Kindergarten - 2nd graders started their activities with bowling and then returned for recess and specials. 

All K-8 students participated in our annual Praise Concert at the end of the day. This concert was a perfect way to sing loud for the Easter promise of eternal life. Overall, our students had a fun-filled day, and you could see the Easter joy on students faces throughout the entire day.

May we all rejoice in the joy of Easter for the remainder of the Easter season!

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