Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Blessed Bibles

“You mean we get to keep them?” exclaimed Ellie. “Yes. You get to keep them.”

Third and Fourth graders received a gift from All Saints Academy in November! The excitement is real. With “Scripture Scavenger Hunts,” third graders learn how to locate Scripture using book and verse references. They read common Scripture verses to identify how Bible-rich our faith is. Beginning in grade 4, students learn to search Scripture, explore their faith, and personalize their Bibles with post-it notes highlighting special pictures and meaningful verses.

The beauty of the Catholic Youth Bible is that it is more simple to read. There are sidebars and insets throughout the Scripture to explain events and traditions of both Old Testament and New Testament stories. These Bibles remain in school and travel with the kids as they advance through their intermediate and middle school years. In the spring of the year they graduate, they take their Bible with them forever!

Father Tom blessed the Bibles during the Introductory Rite at Mass on November 18.

“I like it because it’s clean and new and really cool!” said Harry.

“I’m excited to learn more about Jesus with my new Bible,” Lauren said with a huge smile.

“The new Bible is more simple to read than the old one!” said Darren.

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