Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Hatching Chickens and Writing Skills

This past year the fourth graders were again able to hatch chickens as part of their learning experience. They were able to raise and put up a couple of chicks up for adoption. 

As a literary connection to this project students practiced their write skills to assemble a blog to advocate for their adoption and also write a group creative story inspired by their temporary class pets.

You will love these chicks.  They are very fluffy, cute and lovable. They enjoy playing, laying and looking at you.  If you get a chick you will love him/her and he/she will love you.  Also you can name it anything you would like from A-Z. You can cuddle, hold, and snuggle them. Even if you don’t like chicks, they will peck their way into your heart.


The chicks are very friendly.  They are very nice to you when you hold them.  They sometimes go to sleep in your hand.  Some really like it if you pet their head.  Please give one of our chicks a happy home.


Hey you! Yeah you!  Do you want adorable little fluffy and cuddly chicks?  Of course you do!  They grow up to be big chickens so you will have to feed them often!  The best part is that you choose which one!  Just come to the upper campus, you will hear them peeping!

The chicks are so nice.  You can hug them and they love to be held.  They play with each other all day.  They can be a little loud but it's funny.


We have free, cute baby chicks.  They are cuddly and cute.  They are also fluffy and active.  Here are 3 reasons to adopt them:  they are cute, they are sweet and cuddly, they need a home and are free. They could die without you.  Come help them.  They love humans.  Please adopt them.  


Super Cluck 

by 4th grade - May 2021

Inspired by "Cluck," a big muscular chick with the skills of an escape artist. 

Story Titles: 

Chillin With My Homies - by Sam

The Beginning - by Evelyn

Super Cluck's Great Adventure - by Edmund

Is Cluck Missing? - by Lexy

Adventures of Super Chick - by Ed

The Adventures of Cluck - by Cooper

Max's Powder - by Myles

Click the Super Chick - by William

Cluck and the Amazing Force - by Mary

Isaac Saves the Day - by Ellie

Super Chick - by Lucas

Cluck the Super Chick in Surrendering Mayhem - by Tristan

Chick Story - by Leo 

Super Chick - by Grayson

Super Chick - by Max 

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