Sunday, May 9, 2021

Cherish Your Time Here

Jalen Mayfield, a graduate of ASA in 2014, was drafted this past weekend by the Atlanta Falcons. In an interview from 2018 with Nick Moll, a current ASA student, Jalen mentioned his ultimate goal of getting to the NFL. 

Congratulations, Jalen, on accomplishing your goal! It is exciting to see our ASA Alumni shining as they chase after their dreams. You can watch Jalen’s reaction in the WZZM13 broadcast, and below you can read the interview between Nick and Jalen, originally published in our Seasons of the Saints in the Winter of 2018. 

Cherish Your Time Here: An Interview with Jalen Mayfield in 2018

By Nick Moll (Class of 2021)

Each year, Catholic Central students return to their former elementary school for a half day of service. Senior Jalen Mayfield was among the students that came to work at All Saints Academy this fall. Between helping to spread wood chips and digging a border trench in the ASA Community Garden, Jalen took a few minutes to talk with Nick Moll, a 5th grader at All Saints Academy this year (2017-2018). 

Jalen started at ASA in 8th grade, but his short time here had a big impact on him. He fondly remembers the fun, loving, caring community that welcomed him to ASA as a transfer student. Jalen said it was the warm welcome he received that helped him prepare for high school. He told Nick that ASA helped him learn to be ready to adapt in all situations and the importance of reaching out to welcome others. Jalen proudly stated that both of these skills have helped him be successful in both classes in high school and on the football field. 

During his year at ASA, Jalen was baptized into the Catholic Church. Nick asked Jalen how this experience has impacted him. Jalen said that his year in religion class at ASA intrigued him and both what he learned as well as the graces from that initial sacrament have provided him a foundation of faith to fall back on when times get tough. Jalen spoke of relying on his faith on the football field, in school, and when dealing with tragedy. 

Jalen helped lead the Catholic Central football team to a Division 4 State Championship this fall (2017) and was honored at the 2017 Grand RApids Press Defensive player of the year. He is headed to the University of Michigan next fall to play football on a full scholarship. His ultimate goal is to get to the NFL, but for now he emphasized the importance of going to college and continuing his education. 

Jalen’s last piece of advice for current ASA students:
“Don’t be shy. Have fun. Cherish every moment. It goes fast!”