Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Virtual Calming Rooms

 Students Find Peace and Relaxation

ASA students continue on their journey to build their emotional literacy skills and expand their social emotional tool box. Emotional literacy includes learning to be aware of and identify the varied feelings we experience.  Students are taught to recognize that all their feelings are okay. With resources and social emotional lessons, students are continuing to identify and learn healthy strategies to cope with uncomfortable feelings. 

All K-8 students were provided access to and taught how to access the virtual calming rooms.  They were each provided an opportunity to explore the options that are available to help relax and find peace when experiencing an uncomfortable feeling, while at school or at home. Practicing breathing strategies, experiencing visual relaxation such as glitter falls, feeling the calming effect of an aquarium, being creative with online coloring, and finding comfort with prayer all provide options to return to calm from an uncomfortable feeling. The virtual calming rooms provide these experiences to our ASA learners.

This is a resource that provides students the time to practice emotional regulation.  It is a chance to access appropriate resources they can use to manage their emotions during a time of need or simply an opportunity to practice daily breathing strategies and self-care. We encourage you to explore these as a family and practice these emotional literacy tools together.  

K-4 Virtual Calming Room

5-8 Virtual Calming Room 

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