Thursday, September 19, 2019

Behavior, Character, & Social Skills Teach Days

Table Talk Tuesday

It was a fun filled lunch period at the elementary with Table Talk Tuesday! The kindergarten through third graders mixed up their seating arrangements during lunch with students from different grade levels sitting together. Students built new friendships, practiced their conversation skills, and participated in a “roll and respond” activity, all while enjoying their lunch. 

Prior to lunch, the anticipation grew as they received bracelets with their table numbers, became familiar with some of the roll and respond questions that would be asked during lunch and the thrill of something new.  They practiced introducing themselves to new friends, asking questions in a conversation and reviewed what it means to be an active listener.  Students are building and practicing positive social skills to continue to grow our bucket filling community. 

We have “Would You Rather?” planned for October along with further skill building with Candy Corn Conversation.  Gobble and Talk will be making its way to lunch tables in November as we continue to mix things up with Table Talk Tuesday! 

Ellie- “I liked making new friends.”

Mary- “I liked the activity while we ate lunch.”

Margaret- “I loved making new friends because there is never a limit to making friends.”

Sam- “I liked sitting by other kids from different grades.”

Ben- “I liked doing the dice roll.”

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