Thursday, August 23, 2018

New Diocese Curriculum Standards

ASA Mission Statement: All Saints Academy is a Catholic School inspired by the Holy Spirit and dedicated to teaching and living as Jesus did. Our mission is to serve and partner with our families, parishes and communities as we focus on the spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, and physical development of our children. 

We are excited to share the link to the new, official Diocese of Grand Rapids Curriculum Standards! Over the past two years teachers from throughout the diocese have worked with our Assistant Superintendent, Jill Annable, to update our common curriculum documents.

All subjects K-12, except religion, have been redrafted based on founding documents and organizations such as Catholic Curriculum Standards, Cardinal Newman Society, Encyclical Letters, various National Councils (Mathematics, Social Studies etc), Michigan state curriculum frameworks, ISTE Standards, and College Board SAT and AP objectives.

This new curriculum emphasizes cross-content literacy standards and seeks to form learners who are: empowered, digital citizens, knowledge constructors, innovative designers, conceptual thinkers, creative communicators, and global collaborators.

A little background:
During the 2016-2017 school year teachers engaged in an interactive process with our assistant-superintendent as curriculum standards were drafted, reviewed and edited. Each subject has a program goal draft similar to this statement for the study of mathematics:

“All logic and order have come from the existence of God and the human capacity to organize and classify God’s earthly creation (CCC 299). The study of mathematics provides a foundation of logic, reasoning and calculation skills and an experience in current technology which enables the student to succeed in his/her chosen earthly vocation…”

Curriculum drafts have been reviewed by our bishop and a number of our pastors with education backgrounds, as well as the Aquinas School of Education, and a number of other “experts in the field.”

2017-2018 was a transition year as teachers began incorporating new curriculum standards, while working to tie in skills and sequencing from the previous curriculum to assure there are no gaps in learning for students.

What changes will you see this year?
In the 2018-2019 school year you will see a slightly new report card format to align with the new curriculum. The new report cards will include a section for Spiritual and Social Development as well as Work Habits.

We have been updating instructional materials to support the new curriculum. Teachers are continuing with Battle Creek Kits, Go Math and the Sophia Institute Spirit of Truth series. Teachers continue to research and develop supplemental instructional resources. We will be reviewing social studies materials this year.

Look for curriculum and report card updates from teachers and at open houses and parent informational session. Check out the Frequently Ask Questions section on the Diocese of Grand Rapids curriculum informational page. Please let us know if you have questions!

The new curriculum standards will also be linked on the All Saints Academy website for your convenience.

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