Thursday, September 7, 2017

... to Serve All


All Saints Academy families, you should be so proud!

I sat in 4th grade religion class Wednesday morning and listened to students offer intentions for peace, for those impacted by recent hurricanes, for family, for friends, and the list went on from there.

Last week a 5th grader approached me and asked if we could do $1 jeans days for Hurricane Harvey Relief, and a 7th grader emailed me with a penny war suggestion for the same cause. There have been a number of other hurricane relief ideas surfacing from various ASA community members including a Paws With A Cause donation box!

Service is a core value at ASA, but also a mindset. It is obvious to me that ASA students are always thinking about others and how they can “help.”

So, inspired by our students, the $1 jeans day money we collect this week will be sent to and NCEA initiative for Catholic Schools across the nation to support relief efforts for school children in Texas and Louisiana.

Another way we will be giving back to those affected by Hurricane Harvey is by partnering with PAWS with a Cause.  See the blurb below to see how you can help!  Boxes will be placed at both All Saints Academy Campuses through Friday, September 15, 2017.

PAWS To Give Back
Unleash the power of teamwork.
As an organization PAWS strives to live out our core values in the work that we do. Two of those are core values are leadership and teamwork. These state that PAWS believes in doing what is right, leading by example, and believes that everyone has the ability to make a positive contribution.
With this in mind, and in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, PAWS will be leading a community-wide relief drive to support the people and animals that have been impacted by this disaster.
Staff and volunteers have been working hard over the last few days to coordinate over 30 locations across west Michigan that will be housing donation boxes, arranging a kickoff venue, and creating messaging for this effort.
PAWS staff and volunteers will be dropping off boxes at the specified locations, and picking up the full boxes and bringing all of the donated supplies back to PAWS to be organized.

Items for All:
Towels:  all sizes
Paper towels
Kleenex tissues
Toilet paper
Hand soap; liquid and hard
Hand sanitizer
AA and AAA Batteries
Hydrogen peroxide
Rubbing alcohol
Cotton balls and Q-tips
Shop Vacs (wet/dry)
Trash bags: any size

Children and Babies
Underclothing : all sizes ( new and in the package)
  t-shirts, onesies, underwear ( new and in the package)
Socks ( new and in the package)
Baby wipes
Diaper rash ointments
Baby shampoo
Diapers (all sizes)
Hydrogen peroxide
Rubbing alcohol
Sippy cups/thermos

Shaving items
Socks (new and in the package)
Men’s Underwear ( new packages only)
Women’s underclothing ( new and in package only)

Items for our furry friends:
Leashes and collars- all sizes
Cat and dog beds
Pet toys and cat nip
Puppy pads
Kitty litter and litter pans (small and medium)
Canned foods
Treats (not jerky please)
Blankets and comforters
Towels: large bath towels
Dog igloos
Paper towels
Baby wipes
Dog Food
Cat Food

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