Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The first three chicks: Early Bird, King Black and DJ

The Chicks Have Hatched!

It was a very exciting day at ASA  elementary this past Monday! The chick eggs started hatching in kindergarten.

There are about 18 chicks that have hatched so far. For 21 days, the students monitored the temperature and humidity levels of the incubator. They helped to “candle the eggs” periodically to see which ones were growing and which weren't.

Then on May 22, The students  saw a small crack in one of the eggs. An hour later they observed the first chick to hatch out of its egg! About 24 hours after the eggs hatch the chicks move to a little pen in the classroom under a heat lamp. Within 24 hours of the first hatching, we had 17 more chicks.

The classroom was full of excitement as the students could see the chicks hatch, listen to the chicks peeping, name the chicks, share and write about what they observed. The students welcomed visitors and enjoyed explaining how the chicks start out so small inside the egg and grew inside the egg until they were ready to peck out of their shell. In about a week, the chicks will be given to local farmers to raise, including at least one school family.

The excitement of just watching these adorable creatures that God created seems to be their favorite part!


Newborn chick in the incubator!


           Waiting for their feathers to dry.


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