Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Yearly Middle School Grade Level Retreats 

Learning about the Mass up close and personal!
At ASA we are Forming Saints to Serve All and thus every year each of our middle school classes engage in a class retreats at school. Retreat topics range from an emphasis on leadership, to times of meditation and prayer. These retreats are an extension of religion class and our numerous prayer experiences integrated into our school calendar. They provide an opportunity to explore The Great Mysteries of our faith, strengthen our personal relationships with Jesus and celebrate what it means to be Catholic as we work to reveal our truly Catholic community at All Saints Academy. Retreats are planned by ASA staff and highlight our core values of Faith, Learning, Loving and Serving by including guest presenters, scripture study, discussion of important tenants of our faith, times of group work, service projects, team building, and games.  

Jesus BOTH Human & Divine! 
Each grade has a specific theme for their retreats. 
  • 4th Grade - The Sacraments   
  • 5th Grade - The Incarnation
  • 6th Grade - The Trinity
  • 7th Grade - Leadership & The Eucharist
  • 8th Grade - Service & The Paschal Mystery 
7th grade sharing leadership goals for 8th grade with fellow ms students 

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