Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Peace Pledge

Peace Pledge

The fifth graders have been practicing the peace pledge.  They did this through role playing with each other.  We practiced what it is like when we use the peace pledge in a social conflict situation.  The students responded in different ways and the “bully” did not know how to react when their victim didn’t get upset but instead treated them like a friend.  

To prepare we explored the student videos that Mr. Jeff Veley had given us access to.  Here are a few of the videos the fifth grade made. The fifth graders enjoyed this time together and learned to Be Calm and Be Kind when they come in contact with a bully situation.

Here are a few insights from the 5th graders about the Peace Pledge:
“It helped me learn that I can follow the peace sign to help other people not to be mean.”~Makenzie

“It taught me to stick up for myself”~ Jaighdyn

“It taught me to stick up for someone else” ~Cadan

“To stay strong!”~ Nick

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