Thursday, January 18, 2018

Meet the Malinzaks!

Getting to Know Our ASA Family - We Are One

When Chris and Summer Malinzak moved back to their hometown of Grand Rapids this past July, the question arose of where their children would attend school in the fall. It was a little easier decision for their older children, Tobee and Zoe, but the more difficult choice came for their younger two kids, Max (1st Grade) and Poppy (Kindergarten).

Nine years ago the Malinzaks moved from Grand Rapids to Ohio.  They found a home for their children at St. Rose of Lima and fell in love with the Catholic school from the beginning.  Summer was very involved, volunteering wherever she could.  “Whenever there was a new family, I was the one they called to be an ambassador for them,” she explained as she discussed how well she knew the ins and outs of the school.

Upon their return they decided to test the public school waters in the hopes of offering their children something different. “That lasted about seven school days,” Summer recalled. “We knew in our hearts that this was not going to be the place for Max and Poppy.  It just wasn’t the right fit.”

After discussing their options, they chose to visit All Saints Academy. Chris, a St. Jude alum, was familiar with the ASA Middle School but not as familiar with the Elementary Campus located at Blessed Sacrament Parish.

After ultimately enrolling at All Saints Academy, they found a welcoming community.  “I couldn’t believe how easy it was to become a part of the community!  It was everyone. The other moms would stop me in the hall, the teachers made sure we had everything we needed, even the kids wrote cute little notes to us!”

Fast forward to January and the Malinzaks feel like they’ve always been members of the All Saints Academy family.  They have joined Chris’s home parish of St. Jude. Summer volunteers every Wednesday on the playground and in the lunchroom.  She and the other kindergarten moms get together about once a month to socialize and talk about what moms mostly talk about...their kids.  Max and Poppy have made new friends and seem to always have big smiles on their faces.

“I love it here. There seems to be a lot more emphasis on Catholic identity than we have experienced before.  And the teachers take the time to make individualized plans for the students.  When it comes to our children, Chris and I take the approach of what do you need from us and how can we work together?”

 “I think we were worried about finding the same thing we had at St. Rose of Lima in Ohio, and we have found it at ASA!”

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