Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Eat Pray Run 2018 Update

A big congratulations to this year’s winner of the t-shirt design contest, David Frey!


Sunday, April 22nd was a great day for the All Saints Academy community! Our annual Eat Pray Run event began at St. Jude for our final “Pack the Pews” of the year. After donuts in the Brophy Center, the group headed to the Elementary Campus for running and eating portion of Eat Pray Run! For those who have never attended, Eat Pray Run is a family friendly event that includes a 5K race and fun run for our younger students, as well as a picnic lunch to enjoy with friends and families. It is one of two major fundraisers for our school community with this one focusing on tuition assistance for ASA families!

We were blessed with gorgeous weather, great times with friends, and a successful event! An incredible 191 runners registered, with participation split almost evenly between the 5K and the Fun Run. 106 of our ASA students registered to run!

The Middle School band kicked off the event by playing the National Anthem, and then the runners for the 5K took their marks.

The 5K run was won by Brandon James, with a time of 18 minutes and 32 seconds!

5K Open Division (Male):
Brandon James
Josh Lehmkuhl
Kyle Hulett

5K Open Division (Female):
Gina Moll
Summer Malinzak
Mallory Lehmkuhl

5K Middle School Division (Male):
Gavin McKinney
Caleb Levanduski
Joey Nawrocki

5K Middle School Division (Female):
Abby Druelle
Stephanie Wojciakowski
Maddie Pastoor

5K Elementary Division:
Trent Gibbons
Colton Smith
Wes Lehmkuhl

We are so happy with how many families joined us for Eat Pray Run and are looking forward to next year’s event!

A $500 tuition credit was awarded to the Malinzak family; Max (1st grade) and Poppy (Kindergarten) tied for the most money raised for the Tuition Angels program.  Another $500 tuition credit was awarded to the student who received the most donations, Cameron Pierson (1st grade)!

A total of $10,560 was raised through pledges and registration.  These dollars will help fund our Tuition Angels program so that a Catholic education at All Saints Academy is accessible to any family who desires it! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Kindergarten Top Ten List 2017-2018


Kindergarten Top 10 List 2017-2018

10) Junior Achievement
9) Via Dolorosa
8) Kids Food Basket Service
7) Mileage Club
6) Eat Pray Run
5) Mrs. Bowman and the ASA teachers
4) Singing in the choir at Mass
3) Go Noodle brain-breaks
2) Outside Science Days
1) 100 Day

Friday, May 11, 2018

Protecting Young Eyes Follow Up

Dear All Saints Academy Community,

Thanks to all who were able to join us on April 30th for the Protecting Young Eyes presentation with Chris McKenna. We had a great turnout!

For those who were present, and if you were not but would like more information, the Protect Young Eyes team has recently made all of their premium content for parents free so that you can protect your kids and also learn more about digital topics. Please visit: 

Interested in more parent information nights? Save the date for an adolescent focus session with Sr. Colleen Ann Nagle!

  • Normal Ego and Boundary Development
  • May 21, 6:30 pm 
  • Brophy Center, St Jude

Students and teachers will be continuing to incorporate the Virtue in Media curriculum from Protecting Young Eyes this May and throughout the 2018-2019 school year!

Did you notice the reminder in the email blast this past Friday about cell phones:

Cell Phones - If students have personal devices like cell phones at school we request that they remain off and in lockers during the school day.
Any technology access students need for learning is available to them through school devices and their ASA Google Accounts.
Communications between home and students can still be easily coordinated through the school office.

You might also want to revisit:

Look for follow up blurbs in Friday emails blasts AND additional parent info night topics for the 2018-2019 school year.

At ASA We believe that We Are One community working together to Form Saints to Serve All.
Our mission is to serve and partner with our families, parishes and communities as we focus on the spiritual, intellectual, moral, social and physical development of our children.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

6th Grade Trip to Urban Roots

Urban Farm Work Day 

The All Saints Academy 6th graders recently went on a field trip to Urban Roots farm where they were able to put all four of our core values to action: faith, learning, loving, and serving.  They experienced faith and serving through caring for God’s creation in the service work they did on the farm.  They helped clean garden beds to prepare them to be planted, they cleaned up garbage that had collected from the winter, and they helped spread wood chips.  They learned about how the community garden works, and they also learned about the planting season we have in West Michigan, which fruits and vegetables can be planted when.  They loved their time at Urban Roots, and they very much loved and enjoyed the family style lunch they shared: macaroni and cheese with a carrot based cheese sauce, with a side of greens.  The 6th graders reflected on their experience and shared their thoughts below.

Urban Roots was a good experience for ASA, because all of us kids can find out what it’s like in different environments. It also was good for us to work outside and to help others with the planting and growing this year. Here are some quotes from the ASA 6th grade students who were at Urban Roots:

"My experience was fun and seeing what happens on a farm is amazing I think my favorite part was the mac and cheese that we ate. It had a farm fresh twist that was amazing. They also have a volunteer program. And I might just do that."
- Ana Batchelder

"My experience was awesome because we got see all sorts of different plants and seeds.  We had a lot of fun spreading wood chips around and picked weeds in the garden. These were only some of my favorite things we did."
-Caleb Levanduski

"I think our experience was good for our class. We got a taste of the farm life, and it tasted sweet."
-Stephanie Wojciakowski

"It was amazing! First we got a tour of the farm, and it was very interesting. The farm and the house were very homey and the workers were very welcoming. The lunch was spot on; Mac and Cheese!; )"
 -Dave Frey

All of the students who went recommend you go and volunteer there to help out.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Congratulations, Mrs. Schneider!

Celebrating the Classroom of the Week! (May 2

Mrs. Megan Schneider was surprised last month with a special recognition. Fox 17 and Grand Rapids Community College presented her with the "Classroom of the Week" award. She and her students were truly surprised!  Mrs. Schneider also received a $150 gift card to staples so that she could provide some extra resources and supplies for her first grade students.  Mrs. Schneider has been with All Saints Academy since the very beginning and spent time teaching at St. Isidore before that.  You can see the full video here

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Arts After School at ASA

Jazz Band Festival 

On Thursday, April 26th, the All Saints Middle School Jazz Band went to Hastings to participate in the Thornapple Arts Council Jazz Festival.

The jazz band meets after school once a week for an hour on Wednesdays, and is made up of thirty students in grades 6-8 from ASA as well as seven students from St. Patrick Parnell and Divine Providence Academy. They played the jazz standard Bill Bailey, Henry Mancini's The Pink Panther and a tune in a rock style called Tyrannosaurus Charlie which included several improvised solos. After performing, the band had a great clinic from expert jazz musician and teacher Greg Wells who complimented the band on the many good things they were doing, and challenged them to continue to grow by highlighting areas for continued improvement.

After the clinic on their concert music, the band got to listen to two high school school jazz bands play in a nice outdoor band shell (the weather was perfect)  before going to eat at the Waldorf Bistro. A professional jazz combo, made up of a vocalist, drums, piano, and bass played throughout lunch. Several students commented that it was the best meal they had ever had. The food was very good but the music made it even better.

Finally, the band went to a small coffee shop and ice cream house where everyone was able to get a treat before returning to ASA. The day was a perfect combination of learning and fun. ASA 8th grader Aiden McGavin will return later this weekend to participate in the Middle School All Star Jazz Band, a select group of nominated players from many area schools.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

1st Grade Top Ten


1st Grade Top 10 List 2017-2018

10) Recess
9) Birthday treats
8) Field Day
7) Friends
6) Bowling
5) Eat, Pray, Run
4) Chromebook Lab
3) Field trips
2) Mileage Club
1) PE

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Kids Food Basket

Community Service Partner

ASA partnered with Kids Food Basket in 2016.  There are many different ways to volunteer at KFB, but ASA has focused on
  • decorating brown lunch bags to deliver Sack Suppers
  • packaging trail mix which is added to the Sack Supper bags
  • collecting money to assist KFB in other ways
Each week the ASA kids decorate plain brown paper lunch bags as gifts for the Sack Suppers.  Each bag beautifully wraps a healthy meal sent home with kids daily.   These bags are a vital component as KFB delivers more than 7000 brown bag Sack Suppers in West Michigan weekly.

This year, ASA families collected and donated enough oat cereal, pretzels, raisins, cheddar crackers, and snack-sized zip bags to make and package trail mix for the Sack Suppers.  Our ASA hands packed almost 3000 snack bags filled with trail mix for kids' Sack Suppers in our community!!!  

Our dollar jeans days collected almost $1700 cash for KFB to continue serving the kids and families right here -- close to home!  

Recently, Troy was sharing KFB information with another area school and he proudly used the extraordinary energy that ASA has put forth over the last two years as an example of the success of Kids Helping Kids right here in GR.  So our light is shining!!!  

KFB is just one more way we are sharing the Gospel. 

Our outreach contact is Troy in the Kids Helping Kids department of  Kids Food Basket.  Kids Helping Kids serves greater Grand Rapids, Holland, and Muskegon.   

Kids Food Basket is currently located at 2055 Oak Industrial Drive, Suite C, Grand Rapids, MI 49505 between Maryland and Plymouth.  However, they have been the gracious recipients of land on Leonard between Plymouth and Perkins (near the Yankee Clipper Library).  A huge working garden has grown fresh vegetables, and a ground breaking is planned soon for a  new KFB headquarters.  

Many volunteers are needed in many positions every month to make sure that Sack Suppers are available to community families every day!  

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Hatching Chicken Eggs

21 Days and Counting

Students in Mrs. Anderson’s Pre-K 3 and Mrs. Livingston’s 4th grade classes are anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby chicks. But first, they’ll have to exercise the virtue of patience and learn a little something about the life cycle. It typically takes 21 days for the eggs to hatch. In the meantime they’ll be in the incubator where it is between 90 and 100 degrees. 

“We can use candles to illuminate the chicks while inside the eggs to see their development.” 
Mrs. Anderson explained. She has been doing this project with her classes even before her time at ASA. 

“First they are going to be wet like in a bathtub.” Grace explained. “Maybe we’ll get to give them names.”

A second incubator was purchased through the generosity of Eaglefest donors. Now students at both campuses can experience the anticipation of new life this spring...even if it doesn’t feel like it outside!

Students in 4th grade will make scientific observations and collect data as they monitor their 18 eggs over the next 21 days. 

The 8th grade class proposed chickens as a possible addition to our ASA Community Garden work. They will partner with the 4th grade and work to locate forever homes for chicks once they hatch. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

After School Clubs at ASA

Ski Club

Hello my name is Nicholas Moll and I want to tell you about an ASA club I enjoy called ski club.  Ski club takes place mainly at Cannonsburg ski area every Wednesday after school from about January 1 to March 10.  Ski Club is a free club and is open to all students whether they ski, snowboard or due neither.  We encourage anyone who skis, snowboards, or is interested into learning how to ski or snowboard to come see what our club is all about.

Here are some fun facts about Ski Club:

. Ski Club creates new friendships
. You can enjoy Ski Club with your family and friends
. Ski Club builds confidence
. Ski club gets you outside during the winter months
. Ski Club builds school spirit

At the end of the season Ski Club takes a trip to Crystal mountain where we have a whole day of fun.

If you want learn more about Ski Club stop me in the hall and ask any time.  I hope I see you at Ski Club in 2019.

Ski Club

Hey, my name’s Cassandra Sisk. Ski club is super fun. It is a club on Wednesdays that is for girls or boys, skiers or snowboarders, you don’t have to pay the school to do it but do keep in mind that you need to buy a lift ticket. My whole family skis and I can tell you that it is a great experience.

Ski club is mostly at Cannonsburg but one of the highlights of ski club is when we go up to Crystal Mountain and spend the weekend skiing all together.  Ski club is a great way to create some new friendships, have fun, let loose, give yourself more confidence, and spend time with your family and friends. I highly recommend trying ski club. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find out that you really love to ski! If you have any questions then you can talk to me, Ms.Giroux, Nick Moll, or Grace Ellis. Hope to see you skiing next year!

Monday, April 9, 2018

2nd Grade Top Ten List


2nd Grade Top 10 List April 2018

10.  Going to Mass
9.    Learning
8.    P.E.
7.    Building structures in science
6.    Art
5.    Taking off shoes and socks while working
4.    Field Trips
3.    Box Top Prizes
2.    Teachers
1. Friends!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Classroom Learning Labs

We Can All Grow 

You may have noticed some visitors at the Elementary Campus on Friday March 9. About 20 teachers from throughout the diocese were here to participate in a classroom learning lab with our host teachers Mrs. Wendy Bowman and Mrs. Jane Reeves. After joining Blessed Sacrament Church for morning Mass half the teachers had the opportunity to observe a lesson taught by either Mrs. Bowman or Mrs. Reeves. Our visiting teachers then gathered together with their host teacher and were then asked to reflect on the lesson. 

Monday March 12 All Saints Academy k-8th grade teachers were out visiting other schools around the diocese to learn from and collaborate with other Catholic school teachers. Throughout the day teachers had the opportunity to visit a classroom or watch a recording of a lesson. After the observation teachers gathered together to discuss things they noticed during the lesson and things they wondered about. Through this collaborative discussion teachers took away some short and long term goals of ideas they could implement into their own classroom. 

Upon returning to school on Tuesday, teachers were very excited to have had such a positive experience throughout the diocese. There is a lot of anticipation and excitement about the next opportunity to visit and collaborate with other teachers from our local catholic schools. 

Teachers shared that it’s nice to break routine occasionally to have a chance to learn together with colleagues. For example ASA teachers reflected that: 
“It was great to get little, procedural, management ideas.”
“It was helpful to see how other teachers prep classes for group work.” 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Matlak's Marauders

Simulating Valley Forge at ASA Middle School

By Gael Silvestre and 7th Grade 

On Wednesday, March 14, 2018, the 7th grade left the middle school after lunch, and we went to the baseball diamond. The fires were there in fire ring parents brought, and there were pancake mix boxes and toilet paper rolls. 

“I enjoyed wearing my captain's hat. I learned about the steps to load a musket. It was hard deciding who to write my letter from Valley Forge to.” - Kalem
We were called up in groups Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta. Each group had their own fire ring. I was placed in the Bravo group. The first thing we did was marching in a perfect straight line. It was pretty, hard but I thought it was pretty fun. Our social studies teacher was our commanding officer. We called him Colonel Matlak. I thought it was pretty funny calling him that because i’m so used to him as Mr. Matlak. 

After our marches Colonel Matlak told us to go to our fires. He called up each group to go up learn how to load a musket gun. Obviously we aren't going to use real muskets but instead we each had a big toilet paper roll that had tape on the bottom of it. And for gun powder we had sand and for musket balls we used rocks and the ramrod was a meter stick. We put sand in the roll and put in the rock bullet ball and we went BANG! It was pretty cool Mr. Matlak also told us cool facts about the musket and how to fire as well which was super cool. 

After that we had firecakes and they tasted really bad. They were bland and tasteless but I had 3 for some reason. 

After that it was time to pack up and go back inside. After that we had hot chocolate and it tasted really good. After that is was time to go home and to leave school. And that's the adventure we had at valley forge.

Additional student reflections from the day: 

What was your favorite part about the afternoon: 

  • The drills
  • Getting to make and eat flour cakes
  • Sitting around the fire

What did you learn? 

  • The soldiers at Valley Forge sat through a very cold weather
  • The effects of smallpox on the army 
  • I learned about the women at Valley Forge that aren’t talked about much and their important roles

What was the hardest part of the experience? 

  • Staying warm - the wind was making it much colder, it got hard to write and we kept getting smoke in our eyes 
  • Marching inline and doing push ups 

“I thought it was really fun. And it was really cool hanging out with my friends and camping out with my favorite social studies teacher”

“I liked how Mr. Matlak called everyone private and then their last name.” 

“I loved the experience and would love to help or do it again any time.”

“Honestly, I just had a great time.”

“Next year there should be senior officers helping out.” 

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Looking to The Easter Vigil 2018

We Are One Body in Christ

And we continue to grow!

One of the many beautiful elements of The Easter Vigil is welcoming new members into the Catholic community of faith!

Please consider joining the All Saints Academy extended family for the Easter Vigil on Saturday March 31, 2018 at 8:30 pm at either Blessed Sacrament or St. Jude this year as we have three ASA families join the Church! Charlie (4th Grade) and his family, as well as Chris and Justine Bohan (Parker in Kindergarten and Lennon in Toddler Care) will be celebrating the sacraments of initiation at Blessed Sacrament, while Kalem (7th Grade) and his family will be celebrating the sacraments of initiation at St Jude.

“We are so grateful for the love and support shown to Charlie and our entire family since we have joined the All Saints Academy and Blessed Sacrament Community!!

We truly feel that we have been led to this through that support and the kindness and love demonstrated to us and are incredibly excited to be “making it official” this coming Easter weekend!” - Sam

“I am looking forward to my baptism” - Kalem
“I am excited for confirmation.” - Mandi
“I wanted to say how thankful my family is for all of the love, support and prayers given to us from the church and school.  It has been a more then welcoming environment and showed us all how great people can be through and with God’s love.  Thank you to all that have been there for us and helped us on our journey, you know who you are.” - Ryan

Please offer these families, and all catechumens and candidates for entry into The Church, up in prayer these last few days of lent!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Saints in The ASA Entryway

We Are One Body in Christ

Forming Saints to Serve All 

Artist John McCoy has completed the digital version of the new Saint Art for the entryway a the middle school campus. He will now begin transferring his vision to canvas. 

At the center of the piece we see The Blessed Sacrament with St Jude, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, St Isidore and St Alphonsus on either side. 

As All Saints Academy we wanted to include a number of other Saints to represent the entire Body of Christ. Students and ASA staff were given an opportunity to suggest additional Saints for the artwork. Ultimately we landed on 8 additional Saints who both exemplify ASA’s Core Values and who were commonly mentioned by community members. 

Our additional Saint exemplars of Faith, Learning, Loving, Serving are: 
  • Cecilia - The patroness of musician
  • Sebastian - Patron of athletes and soldiers 
  • Albert the Great - A Doctor of the Church and a “Universal thinker” whose interests included science, ethics, logic, philosophy, psychology, theology and demonstrates the  pursuit of truth
  • Joan of Arc - Defender of faith, and an example of both contemplation and action 
  • Juan Diego - A native to Mexico and a convert, new of his encounters with Our Lady of Guadalupe caused thousands to convert to Christianity  
  • Kateri Tekakwitha- The first Native American to be canonized a Saint, the patroness of ecology and the environment, she is also inspiration for missionaries, those in exile and those adopted 
  • Elizabeth Ann Seton - First native born American Saint and founder of the nation’s first Catholic girls’ schools, Elizabeth was a prolific reader and both a wife and mother and also a religious sister and foundress of the Sisters of Charity 
  • Teresa of Calcutta - Foundress of the Missionaries of Charity and a modern exemplar of a life lived in loving service to others 

Check out John's first video about his work so far: