Thursday, November 8, 2018

All (people can be) Saints Academy

“Saints don’t give up!” - Gavin McKinney

During our All School Mass for All Saints Day Fr. George challenged us that we can all become Saints. Regardless of size, looks, resources, talents, with God’s help we can all work towards sainthood! 

As part of our All Saints Day celebration the 8th grade class treated us to 2 plays about 2 normal people who went on to become great Saints, St Bernadette and St Nicholas. 

St. Bernadette of Lourdes received several visions from the Virgin Mary starting in 1858. When she shared these visions people didn’t believe her and tried to force her to change her story. She refused and continued to tell people about Mary’s and the miraculous healing water that sprung up at the sight of her visions. Eventually a Church was built at the sight that people still visit to this day. 

St. Nicholas was a Bishop in Myra. Legends of his generosity and gift-giving transformed St Nicholas the man into the legendary character known as Santa Claus. One such legend tells how St Nicholas secretly put 3 bags of money inside the house (by tossing them down a chimney or in a window so they landed by stockings drying at the fireplace) of a poor father who couldn’t pay the dowries for his 3 daughters to get married. 

Some of the insights students gained from these these performances are that:
“The little things count.” 
“You have to be humble.” 

Great job, 8th grade!!! 

At All Saints Academy we are Forming Saints to Serve ALL! 

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