Thursday, November 1, 2018

Eagle Award 2018

Congratulations to Deb Westveer, the 2018 Eagle Award Winner!

The Eagle Award is presented each year by the Home and School Association to a member of the ASA community in acknowledgement of his or her extraordinary contribution to the success of All Saints Academy.

This award enhances the culture of All Saints Academy by drawing attention to those who are living our Catholic faith and supporting our school mission by holding them up as an example for others to follow.

Prior recipients of this award have included: 2011-Chris Burns; 2012-Pete and Peg Gonzalez; 2013-Mariae Firlit; 2014-Christine Jarecki; 2015-Linda Kozminski; 2016-Judy Hardy; 2017-Jon Fournier

Along with an award for them to take home, the recipient’s name will be added to a perpetual plaque that is displayed in the halls of both the elementary and middle school campuses for all to see.

While it is true that no great achievement is accomplished by the work of one person, a significantly great work like providing a well rounded Catholic education requires talented and committed people. 

Congratulations to Deb Westveer, the 2018 All Saints Academy Eagle Award winner! 

Deb Westveer was nominated by Susan Zarzecki. Below is Susan’s nomination letter...

When I think of exceptional service a few names come to mind. A name at the top of my list, and  very deserving for an Eagle award nomination, is our very own Mrs. Deb Westveer. She demonstrates our core values of, “Faith, Learning, Loving, Serving.”

Mrs. Westveer is a faithful person. She is a constant presence at mass, at church functions, such as the fish fry, and a friendly face. She is always willing to volunteer, offer a smile, and lend a hand at Mass. In the most recent years, she has been an usher at all the masses she attends.
Deb understands the importance of learning and approaches her job with love. Mrs. Westveer often has a kind word to say or an inquiry about others. She goes out of her way to discover what they like and incorporate it into activities. As a parent at All Saints Academy, I am lucky to have Mrs. Westveer as part of our village. She runs Saints Club for the Elementary campus and is there with a smile in the very early mornings, and after school until 6:00 PM. These hours are a challenge. However, she is always a loving presence in the children’s lives and makes sure to incorporate things they enjoy doing. Sometimes it is easy to fail to recognize and praise auxiliary staff. However, without the “Mrs. Westveer’s” of the world, where would we be? She has been invaluable to working parents. Her quiet kindness and Christian nature is necessary to her role, especially to those of who depend on her help with their children during non school hours. 

Finally, Mrs. Westveer is a true servant. Her duties are many. Whether is is before school, after school, at mass, or a church function, her heart of service doesn’t go unnoticed. She and her husband are there with a smile, and often lending a helping hand. While recovering last year from her knee surgery, we felt her absence. We were so glad to have her return to our All Saints Academy family after recovery.

For these reasons, and many more, Mrs. Westveer was at the top of the list for an Eagle Award, and we are so pleased she is back with us and receiving it. 

Thank you, Mrs. Westveer!

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