Friday, November 16, 2018

5th Grade Global Partnerships

World Water Crisis 

by Drew Beye, Ryan McGavin, Addison Dewolf, Dean Armock & Nick Schaab

We have been learning about the global water crisis in science class. We’ve been partnering with kids in Jordan with Level Up Village so we are experiencing a country that probably doesn’t have water as clean  as we do in the US.

Everyone has enjoyed making videos and chatting with an all boys school in Jordan. In our videos we talk about where we get our water and if it is safe to drink. So we are designing different water filters and seeing how good they work, Why? Or Why not.

We think Level Up Village is a great learning tool. When our partners get our videos they will watch them and then comment or answer our questions or comments. LUV (Level Up Village) is our favorite project so far at ASA. Sometimes it can be hard to understand our partners because English isn’t their first language naturally. We learned that some of them were born in the USA and moved to Jordan.

The water filter project was really fun, not only was it fun we got to attempt to save lives! We designed water filters as a science project where we got dirty water and tried to make it clean. Not many people succeeded, but many were very close. Overall this was by far a really cool experience for everybody in 5th grade including whoever experienced it too. We’ve never done anything like this and we thought it was just awesome! It was by far the best and when we say this I think we speak for the whole class.

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