Friday, December 14, 2018

Eaglefest 2018 by the Numbers

By the Numbers

The All Saints Academy community once again rose to the occasion this past
November as we set a record for the most money raised at our Eaglefest Auction-
This year was so much fun with a slightly different format with games, bucket raffles,
and an opportunity to give back to our four founding parishes.
Check out some of the numbers from Eaglefest below…

Net donation going back to the school

Raised to improve security

Amount given back to our four founding parishes


Unforgettable night

Thursday, December 6, 2018

7th Grade Market Day

Seventh Grade Money Maker: Market Day

One dollar or thirty, Market Day was a success for every seventh grade student as each walked away with a profit after their two day sale in the ASA Middle School gym.

According to Caleb,  “It really went well. We had a rush right away, probably because we advertised so well, and our product of slime and candy butterflies were priced well, too. “

“Our products were really well made and detailed. We chose to make fandom products...things like specific characters’ wands from Harry Potter  and stickers and bookmarks from Hunger Games and Maze Runner. We did a good job of surveying and picking books our audience would like.”

This English language arts unit taught the seventh graders a bit about the free enterprise system as each was challenged to create a product, mass produce it, calculate a marketable price, and then retail it using advertising techniques including testimonial, bandwagon, and loaded language. Studying their audience of 4th - 8th graders was key in deciding on a product and price. 

“My pencil flag toppers sold better than I expected them to. I knew through surveying that we had football fans here at ASA, but I found out there are more than I thought,” stated Nick.

Abby recalled, “I wanted to make something that was winter themed. I looked on Pinterest and decided on white sock bunnies because everyone has seen the sock snowmen. They didn’t sell at first to the younger students, but then the 8th grade came in, and I sold out!” One eighth grader was overheard saying she now had a cute locker buddy!

After all was said and done, what were a few lessons learned and advice to next year’s seventh grade? Whether selling painted rocks, bookmarks, beaded bracelets, stress balls, or spongies, making them for a specific audience by researching what colors, teams, and trends the audience is interested in is important. Watching how much you spend on making the product is important, too. Don’t spend so much that you have to price your item too high for middle school students. Lastly, don’t be nervous. Take a risk! You’ll probably sell better than you think you will. 

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Dear Parents...about THAT kid

Forming Saints to Serve ALL 

"I will advocate for your child and family to receive the highest quality of specialist services, and I will cooperate with those professionals to the fullest possible extent.
I will make sure your child gets extra love and affection when she needs it most.
I will be a voice for your child in our school community.
I will, no matter what happens, continue to look for, and to find, the good, amazing, special, and wonderful things about your child.
I will remind him and YOU of those good, amazing, special, wonderful things, over and over again."

Friday, November 30, 2018

Advent 2018

Preparing for Christmas at ASA

Kids Food Basket Trail Mix assembly December 19
9:00 Elementary Campus
1:00 Middle School Campus

Collections Items by grade level:
    K and 4: Cheddar crackers
    1 and 6:  Pretzels (mini-twists)
    2 and 5:  Oat cereal (ex. Cheerios)
    3 and 8:  Raisins
             7: Snack size ziplock bags
             Pre-K will decorate bags for sack suppers.

   $1 Jean Days for Kids Food Basket Dec. 7, 14 and 21
  • Band Concert at West Catholic - 5-8 Dec 4th 7pm
  • Elementary Christmas Program at Blessed Sacrament - Dec 10 6:30pm
  • Christmas program at Aquinata Hall -  K-4 Dec. 19

Friday, November 23, 2018

ASA Saint Art Installed!

One in The Body of Christ 

Forming Saints to Serve All

1 Corinthians 12:12 says, “There is one body, but it has many parts. But all its many parts make up one body. It is the same with Christ.”

Reflecting this unity in diversity, we at All Saints Academy are excited that we have installed a beautiful, new, one-of-a-kind painting by artist John McCoy in the entryway of our middle school campus. At All Saints Academy, “We Believe We Are One” community of unique learners developing our talents to serve God and others.  

At the center of the piece we see the Blessed Sacrament with St. Jude, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, St. Isidore and St. Alphonsus on either side, a reference to the four parishes who established All Saints Academy (Blessed Sacrament, St. Isidore, St. Jude, and St. Alphonsus, where the Redemptorist community who ministers there is devoted to Our Mother of Perpetual Help).

Since we are All Saints Academy, we chose to include more saints to represent the entire body of Christ. Students and ASA staff helped identify eight additional saints who exemplify ASA’s core values, Faith, Learning, Loving and Serving: 

  • Cecilia - Patroness of musicians
  • Sebastian - Patron of athletes and soldiers 
  • Albert the Great - A doctor of the Church and “universal thinker” whose interests included science, ethics, logic, philosophy, psychology and theology, and who demonstrates the  pursuit of truth
  • Joan of Arc - Defender of faith, and an example of both contemplation and action 
  • Juan Diego - A native to Mexico and a convert; news of his encounters with Our Lady of Guadalupe caused thousands to convert to Christianity  
  • Kateri Tekakwitha- The first Native American to be canonized a saint; the patroness of ecology and the environment, she is also inspiration for missionaries, those in exile and those adopted
  • Elizabeth Ann Seton - First native-born U.S. saint and founder of the nation’s first Catholic girls’ schools. Elizabeth was a prolific reader, both a wife and mother, and also a religious sister and foundress of the Sisters of Charity 
  • Teresa of Calcutta - Foundress of the Missionaries of Charity and a modern exemplar of a life lived in loving service to others 

All of these saints, with their various gifts and missions, remind us that as All Saints Academy strives to “Form Saints to Serve All,” the saints we form will choose various professions focusing their talents and honoring God. This beautiful painting reflects the unity of the body of Christ and also demonstrates diversity among our gifts, all with the Eucharist at the center.

We were blessed to have Mr. John McCoy stay in Grand Rapids while he painted One in The Body of Christ. He worked in Thaddeus to stretch the 6 x 12 foot canvas, and then paint. As John began sketches for the piece he visited the 4 ASA parishes to seek inspiration from both community and art. During his stay John was able to meet and share a number of meals with ASA families.  

To both protect and also highlight our new Saint art a one of a kind frame was designed and assembled. Due to a generous donation from Mr. Jim Steffens we were able to reclaim wood from the old St Alphonsus bleachers for the frame. Shane Kamps, cousin of ASA alum Bianne Robach, and his assistant John Michael Lunt constructed the frame and installed the art. 

It was a blessing to welcome both John McCoy and Shane Kamps to Eaglefest 2018 to “unveil” One in The Body of Christ and thank the donors that helped make this project possible last year at Eaglefest 2017. 

Friday, November 16, 2018

5th Grade Global Partnerships

World Water Crisis 

by Drew Beye, Ryan McGavin, Addison Dewolf, Dean Armock & Nick Schaab

We have been learning about the global water crisis in science class. We’ve been partnering with kids in Jordan with Level Up Village so we are experiencing a country that probably doesn’t have water as clean  as we do in the US.

Everyone has enjoyed making videos and chatting with an all boys school in Jordan. In our videos we talk about where we get our water and if it is safe to drink. So we are designing different water filters and seeing how good they work, Why? Or Why not.

We think Level Up Village is a great learning tool. When our partners get our videos they will watch them and then comment or answer our questions or comments. LUV (Level Up Village) is our favorite project so far at ASA. Sometimes it can be hard to understand our partners because English isn’t their first language naturally. We learned that some of them were born in the USA and moved to Jordan.

The water filter project was really fun, not only was it fun we got to attempt to save lives! We designed water filters as a science project where we got dirty water and tried to make it clean. Not many people succeeded, but many were very close. Overall this was by far a really cool experience for everybody in 5th grade including whoever experienced it too. We’ve never done anything like this and we thought it was just awesome! It was by far the best and when we say this I think we speak for the whole class.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

All (people can be) Saints Academy

“Saints don’t give up!” - Gavin McKinney

During our All School Mass for All Saints Day Fr. George challenged us that we can all become Saints. Regardless of size, looks, resources, talents, with God’s help we can all work towards sainthood! 

As part of our All Saints Day celebration the 8th grade class treated us to 2 plays about 2 normal people who went on to become great Saints, St Bernadette and St Nicholas. 

St. Bernadette of Lourdes received several visions from the Virgin Mary starting in 1858. When she shared these visions people didn’t believe her and tried to force her to change her story. She refused and continued to tell people about Mary’s and the miraculous healing water that sprung up at the sight of her visions. Eventually a Church was built at the sight that people still visit to this day. 

St. Nicholas was a Bishop in Myra. Legends of his generosity and gift-giving transformed St Nicholas the man into the legendary character known as Santa Claus. One such legend tells how St Nicholas secretly put 3 bags of money inside the house (by tossing them down a chimney or in a window so they landed by stockings drying at the fireplace) of a poor father who couldn’t pay the dowries for his 3 daughters to get married. 

Some of the insights students gained from these these performances are that:
“The little things count.” 
“You have to be humble.” 

Great job, 8th grade!!! 

At All Saints Academy we are Forming Saints to Serve ALL!