Thursday, August 15, 2019

History of All Saints Academy - Founding School Alumni Stories

During the 10 year celebration of All Saint Academy we were blessed to collect some memories from alumni from our four founding parish schools! 

Christine Cybulski, a St Isidore alumna, shared memories of hot dog lunches once a month, color days so uniforms could be dry cleaned, Christmas caroling in the neighborhood and collecting money, selling World's Finest Chocolate, and selling candy in the candy store. 

Lori Borek shared her fondest memory of Blessed Sacrament. In 8th grade Lori was upset to be passed over for the court for May Crowning. A teacher, Mrs. Skorupski, invited her to MC the event. Lori shared being nervous, but looking back is grateful for being given the chance to build her confidence! 

Dave Pietrowicz, also a Blessed Sacrament graduate, shared how the education he received at Blessed Sacrament built the foundation for his career in education. 

Angela Mitchell, current ASA Middle School Administrative Assistant and a Blessed Sacrament alumna, was happy to be welcomed into the 4th grade at Blessed Sacrament after relocating from the east side of the state.  Her favorite memories are of the school carnivals and sports.  Events for the carnival were spread out all over the school building.  Angela enjoyed running around with friends to play games, eat popcorn, and win cakes and bottles of pop.  She played every sport available in middle school at Blessed Sacrament; softball, volleyball, basketball, and cheerleading!  Every girl in her class played on the softball team.  They were able to get to know each other better outside of the classroom because of this! 

 It is always great to hear what our extended family is doing! In our Season of The Saints publications we have begun highlighting All Saints Academy Alumni stories! If you have an  Alumni story from ASA or one of our founding parish school to share please contact either of our school office! 

Friday, August 2, 2019

Welcome, Mrs. Gibson!

My name is Laurie Gibson and I am excited to be the interventionist at All Saints Academy. I feel very blessed and honored to be part of such a wonderful school, community and staff.

My family and I have been parishioners at St. Roberts since we moved here 16 years ago.  I have two college aged children who both attend GVSU.  My son graduated from Catholic Central a year ago.  My husband is also an educator and is currently the Dean of Students/AD at St. Thomas.

I come to All Saints from Forest Hills Public schools where I taught 4th and 5th grade for many years.  This will be my 27th year teaching and I have enjoyed them all! I look forward to enjoying many more with the students at All Saints and am excited about being able to share my Catholic faith along the way.

Over the years I have had the privilege and found joy in teaching diverse populations of kids. I have always found it fun getting to know each child and what their unique needs might be.  Striving to meet those needs has at times been challenging but has also proven very rewarding as well. I am eager to begin building relationships with students and instilling a love of learning as the interventionist at All Saints.

 I look forward to getting started and a great year of learning ahead. Please feel free to to stop in and introduce yourself if you see me in the room, I would love to meet you!

Laurie Gibson

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Catching Up With The ASA Family Over The Summer

Staff Summer Happenings


Dean Schneider's Baptism! 
Mrs. Patterson in Rome! 


Mrs. LaPonsie and Miss Giroux in Class at Notre Dame

Loving & Serving: 

Mrs Szczytko in Alaska

Mrs. Carrie Bowman's Family in Grand Haven

Mr. Kress Driving the Boat at Summer Camp! 

We would love to see what you are doing this summer also! Share your pictures directly with us or post them via social media using #LoveMyCatholicSchool and tag ASA to enter the Diocese of Grand Rapids Catholic Schools #LoveMyCatholicSchool contest. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

History of All Saints Academy - Our Four Founding Parishes and Schools

Blessed Sacrament 

Blessed Sacrament Parish was established by Bishop Francis J. Haas in March of 1946. He appointed Father John Collins as the first pastor for the 256 founding families. Initially Masses were celebrated at the Veterans' Facility and other various locations on the northeast side of Grand Rapids. 

In 1950, Blessed Sacrament School opened with 250 students and a staff of six Dominican Sisters. In 1952, a gymnasium-auditorium was added to the school as a temporary church until the main church building was dedicated in 1989. 

St. Alphonsus

St. Alphonsus Parish was founded in 1888. Bishop Henry Joseph Richter invited the Redemptorist Fathers to administer the parish. Masses were celebrated in Finn's Hall until the church and school buildings were completed in 1889.  St. Alphonsus School opened in September of 1889, led by the Dominican sisters. 

As the congregation and school grew, plans for a new church building were started in 1905. The building currently in use today was consecrated on December 22, 1909. The church and school building have been remodeled a number of times. In recent years the parish convent was converted into low-cost housing. 

St. Alphonsus History Link

St. Isidore 

In 1891, Polish families on the northeast side of Grand Rapids worked with Father Ponganis to raise $1,000 to buy land on Diamond for a church. In 1897, Bishop Henry Joseph Richter blessed the cornerstone. The church was originally referred to as St. Stanislaus, but in 1900 it was named St. Isidore by the bishop. 

As the parish grew plans for a new church were made. The new church was consecrated by Bishop Michael J. Gallagher on March 22, 1917. St Isidore School was built in 1926, and a convent and new rectory were added in 1955 and 1957.  In 1994, the Pope John Paul II Eucharistic Adoration Chapel was opened. 


St. Jude

In 1946, the parish of St. Jude began with a Catholic community that was gathering at the Veteran's Facility. As the group grew they eventually moved to two Quonset huts on land just off of Plainfield Avenue. In 1952, Father Charles Brophy was assigned to the parish. Under his leadership the current 26-acre property was acquired. 

In 1957, a convent and St. Jude School opened led by Sister Florentine. In 1964, St. Jude Church was completed. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

2019-2020 Supply Lists

Student Supply Lists are now available!  

In addition to the traditional PDF/printable file, there are also links to online lists. These online lists will allow you to buy all the supplies online at Amazon, Office Depot, Staples, Target, and Walmart. You can also use the PDF list to see all grades at once and shop wherever you prefer. 

The links are on the Forms and Documents page of our website, or use the links below:

Summer 2019 At ASA

Snapshots from June

Forkie Craft from Toy Story 4

Picnic Time

Splash Pad! 

Happy 4th of July! 

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

ASA Parish Scholarships and Awards 2019

Irene Czarnecki Memorial Award - Blessed Sacrament 

  • Conduct and effort marks of 1's and 2's only
  • Displays Christian stewardship by demonstrating
    • a) respect for self and others 
    • b) responsibility 
    • c) accountability
  • Student must be in grades 6 or 7
  • The middle school teachers will write a narrative of the candidate. 
  • The Pastor, Principal, and a member of the Czarnecki family will review all the narratives and select, through consensus, the narrative which exemplifies the criteria above. 
  • The student will receive the award at the end of the last school Mass in May.
  • The amount of tuition off for the following school year will be $500.00. A tuition-off certificate will be issued to the family. 
The winner of the 2019 Irene Czarneck Memorial Award is Nick Schaab.

Sr. Olga Mizzi & Sr. Roberta Hefferan Scholarships - St. Alphonsus 

The Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters established these scholarships in the names of two members of their community who were deeply engaged in St. Alphonsus Parish. Sister Roberta Hefferan, OP, recognized and responded to the needs of others through vibrant social outreach programs including the Food & Clothing Pantry. Sister Olga Mizzi, OP, was devoted to religious service and education and brought joy and knowledge to thousands of students as a teacher in St. Alphonsus School.

Goal: To recognize and award two All Saints Academy students who model the examples set by Sister Olga Mizzi, OP, and Sister Roberta Hefferan, OP.  Recipients of the award will receive a $500 tuition credit for All Saints Academy.


  • Nominee must desire to attend All Saints Academy in the following academic year. 
  • Nominee must be a parishioner of St. Alphonsus Parish. 
  • Nominee must demonstrate excellence in social involvement, service to the community, religious service and/or education. 
  • Nominations must be submitted in writing with scholarship nomination form to the St. Alphonsus Parish office or All Saints Academy school office. 
The winners of the 2019 Sr. Olga Mizzi & Sr. Roberta Hefferan Awards are Averie Carter and Cameron Pierson.

Sean Earl Memorial Scholarship - St. Alphonsus

Goal: The Sean Earl Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to two seventh grade students who demonstrate strength of character, service, and kindness toward others.  Recipients of the award receive a $1,000 tuition credit for All Saints Academy.


  • Nominee must be a seventh grade student at All Saints Academy.
  • Nominee must desire to attend All Saints Academy in the following academic year. 
  • Nominee must be a parishioner of St. Alphonsus Parish. 
  • Award winners will be selected by the Executive Director and Principal of All Saints Academy Middle School.
The winners of the 2019 Sean Early Memorial Scholarship are Christian Florido and Gavin McKinney.

Thank you, to our 4 founding Parishes for their continued support! 

Congratulations to ALL scholarship winners! 

For those looking for more information about Financial Assistance to attend All Saints Academy click here

If you are interested in supporting a student pursuing a Catholic education at ASA check out these opportunities: 

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

2018-2019 ASA Alumni Quarter 4 High School Honor Roll

Always proud to celebrate the growth and accomplishments of all of our All Saints Academy alumni! 
Congratulations to all! 

ASA Class of 2019

By The Numbers

95% of this year's graduating class will be going on to either Catholic Central or West Catholic for high school in the fall! As we send these new All Saints Academy alumni to high school let's take a minute to celebrate their accomplishments so far! 


ACRE Test Scores

Spanish 2 Placement: 
Two of our graduates this year placed directly into Spanish 2 as freshman! 

High School Math Placement: 
Two of our graduations placed into Geometry as freshman! 

Presidential Academic Excellence Awards: 
Awarded to students with an A average in Trimester 1 & 2 of 8th grade (3.5+) and an 85th percentile or above on the MAPs standardized test or PSAT.
Receiving the award this year are:

  • Morgan Armock
  • Andrew Badjek
  • Julia Baker
  • Braden Druelle
  • Owen Ellis
  • Sam Ferguson
  • Olivia Goode
  • Noelle Hall
  • Monica Hormouth
  • Maya Lenkiewicz
  • Ckaya Levanduski
  • Jessica Martinez
  • Margaret Needham
  • Madeline Pastoor
  • Ben Roberts
  • Jacob Sisk

Band Awards: 
Director's Award - Jessica Martinez
Woody Herman Jazz Award - Noelle Hall 

Service Hours Recorded in 8th grade: 8th grade students are required to complete 20 service hours and participate in Service Corp. At graduation we celebrate students that go above and beyond this requirement! 

St Francis Society (30 hours or more):
  • Morgan Armock
  • Stephanie Ball
  • Braden Druelle
  • Sam Ferguson
  • Olivia Goode
  • Margaret Needham
  • Madeline Pastoor
  • Jacob Sisk
Saint Teresa of Calcutta Award (over 40 hours):
  • Morgan Armock
  • Stephanie Ball
  • Braden Druelle
  • Olivia Goode
  • Margaret Needham
  • Madeline Pastoor

Core Value Awards: At graduation each 8th grade student is recognized by teachers for the Core Value they best embody. 

Faith: Monica Hormuth, Maya Lenkiewicz, Kalem McArthur, and Margaret Needham 

  • Is grounded in Catholic doctrine and Church teachings, lived out in loving and service.
  • Is a discerning believer formed in the Catholic faith community who celebrates God's presence through Sacred Scripture, liturgy, and the sacraments.
  • Is a faithful Catholic who prays, forgives, and upholds moral and ethical principles. 
  • Share the Good News enthusiastically. 
Learning: Morgan Armock, Andrew Badjek, Owen Ellis, Olivia Goode, Noelle Hall, Ethan Kowalczyk, and Isabella Salinas
  • Is prepared for success in high school and further education by having mastered a well-rounded and a challenging faith-based curriculum.
  • Uses technological tools to enhance learning basic concepts, skills, and standards. 
  • Is an independent learner, has a strong foundation for lifelong learning.
  • Is a reflective, creative, and holistic thinker who solves problems and makes responsible decisions. 
  • Uses a collaborative approach; participates actively in team work. 
  • Exhibits self-discipline, organization, and time management. 
Loving: Gabby Aguilar, Julia Baker, Stephanie Ball, Luis Barajas, Jessica Martinez, Ben Roberts, and Jacob Sisk
  • Cares about self and those around them; exhibits empathy and values others for who they are. 
  • Cares for the environment; acts to sustain the earth as God's creation. 
  • Respects cultural differences; sensitive to diverse perspectives, and opinions. 
Serving: Braden Druelle, Sam Ferguson, Ckaya Levanduski, Madeline Pastoor, and Gael Silvestre
  • Puts into action Christ's teaching through service.
  • Offers joyful service; recognizes opportunities to serve in both internal and external communities (parishes, neighborhoods, family, friends) 
  • Has developed skills for leadership, public speaking, advocacy, self-confidence, negotiation, and compromising. 
Andrew Bajdek - 2019 Bishop Baraga Award Winner 

Bishop Baraga Award: 
The venerable Frederic Baraga was a missionary, priest and Bishop known for his many works in our state of Michigan, even spending some time in Grand Rapids. 

Bishop Baraga exemplified the core values of All Saints Academy during his years of ministry. 

Each year we select an 8th grade graduate who also exemplifies our core values of faith, learning, loving and serving for the Bishop Baraga Award. This year's award goes to Andrew Bajdek

8th Grade Athletes: 
  • Morgan Armock
  • Andrew Bajdek
  • Julia Baker
  • Luis Barajas
  • Braden Druelle
  • Owen Ellis
  • Olivia Goode
  • Noelle Hall
  • Monica Hormuth
  • Ethan Kowalczyk
  • Maya Lenkiewicz
  • Ckaya Levanduski
  • Jessica Martinez
  • Kalem McArthur
  • Margaret Needham
  • Isabella Salinas
  • Jake Sisk

Congratulations to the class of 2019! 
We are so proud of you! 
We send you out to Serve All! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Wrapping Up 2018-2019

Celebrating our Faith, A Year of Learning,  

and Loving & Serving as a Community! 

Invention Convention: 


Middle School Musical and Drama Performances: 

Hi Tops

The Midas Touch

The Emperor's New Hair

Elementary Mileage Club: 

International Food Tasting: 

Lewis and Clark: 

Science Demos with Dr. Groh: 

8th Grade Graduation: 

Service Corps Presentations
Leadership Mass
Athletic Banquet

Praying with K-3rd Grade 

Fun Day

Core Values Speeches

Bishop Baraga Award

Elementary Teacher Swap Day: 

Middle School Elective & Service Days: 

Green Screen Fun


Getting Ready for 2019-2020

Design Thinking

3rd Grade Middle School Visit Day and Breakfast: 

Centering Prayer (Mindfulness): 

Field Day K-7th 2019: 

Morning Prayer, K-7th Together as One! 

Community Cookout!

Mass TOGETHER as ONE on The Last Day of 2018-2019: