Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Why Red, Gold, and Black?

All Saints Academy

The Meaning Contained Within The ASA Logo

Did you know the ASA logo was designed with great care and lots of prayer during the formative days of ASA? From the colors to the shape of the the letters, everything has a meaning. 

During Catholic Schools Week 2018, David Wodarek, father of 5th grader Cadan and recent graduate Rhiannon, spoke with ASA students about the work that he and the design committee did during the creation of All Saints Academy to select colors, a logo and even a mascot. Mr. Wodarek shared the inspiration he received in prayer and the rich mysteries of our faith revealed within our 3 little letters and ASA’s school colors! 

Inspired by religious iconography and the importance of meaning contained within color choice, ASA’s  gold, red and black was intentionally selected. The gold of the cross represents intellect and learning. Red is the color of blood and zeal. It was selected to visually connect us to our Eucharistic Community, confirmed in our more recent defining of our root belief that We Are One. Black ties the logo together and symbolizes the works of the Holy Spirit, and the sacrifice and work our community did to create ASA and continues to do together to Form Saints to Serve All! 

These colors also speak to us about the mystery and love of The Trinity as well as our call to discipleship. The Cross points us to God the Father who sent us his Son. The red of the letters remind us of the love of Jesus, God the Son. The black of the All Saints Academy connects us to the workings of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The point where the cross connects to the “S” reminds us that as disciples of Christ we, too must pick up our cross and follow him. 

The shape of the logo also reminds us of the mysteries and many graces of our faith. The cross and letters of the logo are designed to look like the top if a Baptismal Fountain, connecting us back to our baptismal promises and foundational Catholic beliefs. As Mr. Wodarek reminded us, our baptism was the beginning of our journey to become Saints and serve all. 

As we celebrate 10 years of All Saints Academy we look back on all the learning, the sweat (and blood), and sacrifice that has gone into building this great Catholic school community. This year we added a 10 to the logo to commemorate the growth and trials, as well as the successes and community built in this first decade of All Saints Academy. At the center of the 10 the cross keeps our focus on Christ as we eagerly look forward to the next great 10 years of ASA! 


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