Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Fall Sports Review

Fall Sports at All Saints Academy

This fall season 43 of our middle school students participated in sports for All Saints Academy. All Saints Academy is a member of the Grand Rapids Area Catholic Elementary Athletic Council (GRACEAC).  All middle school students in grades 5-8 are eligible to participate in the following fall sports:  Cross Country, Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Sideline Cheer.

Student athletes often look forward to their first opportunity to play on a school team in 5th grade.  We interviewed a few ASA 5th grade athletes to learn about the highlights from their first season.

I played volleyball this fall.  One of my challenges was getting my overhand serve over the net.  One of my highlights was playing at the tournament and meeting new people” - Grace E.

Sierra G. also played volleyball this fall.  “I liked making friends with people at different schools during the games and tournaments.  My challenge was working on my serve.”

Jaighdyn F. participated in sideline cheer this fall.  “ Stunting and cheering for games were my highlights.  Getting my balance as a flyer was most challenging for me.”

Boys soccer, grades 5-8
Luis B., Jake S., Christian F., Caleb L., Tommy S., & Hadrian S.

Football, Grades 5-8
Gio A., Liam S., Tom B.

Cross Country, grades 5-8
(bottom row) Gavin M., Abby D., David F.
(top row) Emily M., Hannah K., Nick M.

Sideline Cheer, Grades 5-8
(bottom row) Isabella, Jaighdyn
(top row) Ana, Margaret, Isabella

5th grade volleyball
(bottom row) Sierra, Grace, Brooklyn
(top row) Isabelle, Makenzie

6th grade volleyball
Maddie, Stephanie

7th grade volleyball
(bottom row) Monica, Maya, Olivia
(top row) Gabby, Ckaya, Stephanie, Jessica, Morgan
The 7th grade volleyball team took 2nd place in their mid-season tournament and 4th place in their post-season tournament!

8th grade volleyball
Caitlin, Meagan

“I have competed well; I have finished the race; I have kept the faith.  From now on the crown of righteousness awaits me, which the Lord, the last judge, will award to me on the last day, and not only to me but to all who have longed for his appearance.” - 2 Timothy 4:7-8

An Athlete's Prayer

Did you know the Church has an official prayer for athletics?

Pages 437-438 in the English in the Book of Blessings has the prayer but begins with the following information:
1024 This blessing is intended for those who participate in an athletic event. The blessing asks that God may protect the athletes from injury and that throughout the event they may show respect for one another.

1025 The blessing may be given by a priest, deacon, or lay minister.
The blessing includes an athletically-themed Scripture reading (2 Timothy 4:6-8) and a prayer over the athletes.

According to the text:
1029 A minister who is a priest or deacon says the prayer of blessing with hands outstretched over the athletes; a lay minister says the prayer with hands joined.
Here is the text of the prayer:

Strong and faithful God,
as we come together for this contest,
we ask you to bless these athletes.
Keep them safe from injury and harm, instill in them respect for each other, and reward them for their perseverance.
Lead us all to the rewards of your kingdom
where you live and reign for ever and ever.

Response: Amen.

Athletes can make this prayer their own or have a coach pray it with them before a game. You might also consider adding your own line or two as well, praying for the opponent and officials or simply asking God to help you glorify Him by using the skills he has given you. Consider reading the short scripture verse above and praying this before your next game!
From the Play Like a Champion Today Champion Athlete Note

Congratulations to all of our fall athletes! Go Eagles!

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