Wednesday, December 20, 2017

You May Have a Little Saint If...

Reflections from an ASA Kindergarten Parent

by Sue Wuorinen

So, as someone that was raised as a good ol’ BSer back (just a few) years ago, there was really no question in my mind that my kids were going to go through All Saints once they were in school. And clearly, I have made it my mission to increase the student population one Wuorinen at a time with my growing herd.
I really thought I knew what I was in for. I work at St Jude, so I see the education and faith formation from that perspective. But yeah, in many regards, I had no idea.
Here are a list of things that I have come to learn now that I have a kindergartner and preschooler…

… you have had awkwardly awesome prayer moments. On more than one occasion at dinner, while everyone is talking, Evy has randomly started saying the rosary… loudly. And what do you do? You don’t want to be THAT person that stops your child from chatting it up with Mary.
… every morning is a mini-reunion among parents. I have loved walking into school and seeing both people that I grew up with at Blessed Sacrament and new friends dropping their kids off. It’s especially nice to have a friendly face when you are slightly hot-messy as you juggle the 4 children through the hallways.
… you have been shocked at their random church knowledge. It’s become no big thing when your daughters can set up the mini-altar by memory or start repeating the Creed. Because, duh, they do it every day at school.
… being a “bucket-filler” is the new pink. Filling each other’s buckets has become a new past-time at school and our house since they learned about it. It has been a wonderful blessing to see them seeking out ways to build up their classmates. Of course, in our house calling someone a “bucket-dipper” is now also the new burn. So… yeah 😊
… the classroom FB page has become your back-up memory. We can now always depend on one of the parents to remind us that, yes, tomorrow is in fact a color day. And yes, we do need to pay a dollar. How did my parents ever remember this stuff?!
I am so grateful for the experiences we have had at ASA. Which is good because we are going to be here for a while 😊

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