Wednesday, December 13, 2017

St Albertus Day

St Albertus Day of Science at Aquinas College

The fourth graders had an awesome day exploring science concepts at Aquinas College during their celebration of St. Albertus. On the feast of St Albert the great Aquinas College students invite students from around the diocese to join them for a series of really cool science experiments. Each year our 4th graders have been privileged to participate in this great community learning experience!

This year they made elephant toothpaste, launched rockets, and ​explored tiny organism from water.

Here’s what the 4th grade had to say about their experience at science day:

Nick Schaab - "St. Albertus Day , best day of the year."
Morgan S. - "I liked that all the kids got to wear colorful goggles."
Austin P - "Try all the science projects.  They are all so fun(ny)!"
Drew B - "Science is very, very fun.  Baking soda and vinegar was my favorite."
JJ Kelsey - "Rocket Mission!!"
Ryan McGavin - "Don't take your goggles off in a lab.  Your eyes will burn."
Zack - "The class got a picture of us on a bridge, the water had ran down the river very fast, it was cool."
Mario Barajas Oteto - "I like the rocket.  It went so high and fast.  Then when it came down it sometimes go fast or slow."
Elyse - "Science day is the best day!"
Addison - "We had fun at St. Albertus.  We got to see a rocket launch."
Dean - "I liked the safety goggles!"
Abby Lyons - "When I got to Aquinas and got to the first stop, I looked at all the experiments and named all the colleges I knew! I decided I would work hard in school and go to Aquinas College if I get accepted."

It was a great day!

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